Christine Jacob says raising teenagers is "harder" these days

IMAGE Karen A.P. Caliwara

Christine Jacob is happy that she has already "survived the biggest hump" of having five kids.

Is it harder to raise teenage kids these days?

When Christine Jacob heard this question, she laughed.

Looking at her daughter Nina who accompanied her to the Pottery and Barn event, she asked, "Is it?"

Then Christine replied, "Harder. Maybe harder when I was growing up.

"Parang there are less rules.

"There seems to be less rules these days than when I was a teenager, and my parents were a lot stricter.

"Now parang, 'Ma, I have to go soiree here, soiree there.'"

But instead of imposing rules, she has been diverting their attention, thanks to sports.

The celebrity mother continued, "So I make sure they do a lot of sports. That is how I instill the discipline na to sleep early, take care of your body because you want to excel in this particular sport that you’re doing.

"So instead of me saying 'no drugs,' 'no smoking,' 'no staying up late,' I say, ‘Uy you have a tournament tomorrow, you sleep early.'"


Christine is more of a barkada mom, so the generation gap does not really affect her parenting style.

"You know I'm lucky that we survived the biggest hump because they’re already older.

"It was harder when they were smaller. It was more high maintenance.

"But they’re big, I can bring my daughter with me or my son with me."

Christine has five kids namely Paolo, 17; Gabby, 15; Nina, 13; Luis, 11; Jaime, 8.

She's also glad that they hep with the household chores.

"Actually, for the past few weeks, we even had no help at home.

"So I like it...They help me do the dishes, e do laundry together, I mean that’s always been the life I wanted.

"And it really is important that I bond with them."

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SUMMER 2017. What's the family's plan for the summer's remaining days?

Christine shook her head.

"Now is unfortunately one of those times of the year that is most stressful for me because with five kids, the schedule is crazy.


"Once they’re in school, that’s my vacation, because I know they’re captured in one particular spot, from 8 am to 4 pm or 8 am to 5pm.

"Now, they have tennis, soccer practice, review classes, I dunno, it’s so hard to keep track of all that they’re doing.

"And our weekends are filled with tournaments, matches, we can’t even go to the beach."

She ended, "But that's better. At least I know where they are and what they're doing."


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