Shamcey Supsup's mommy problem: 'It's hard to travel with Baby Nyke!'

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Former Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup-Lee cites the importance of travel in her relationship with hubby Lloyd Lee: "We try to squeeze in a little bit of vacation if I have out of town work, ine-extend yung stay para makapag relax after."

Like most parents of young babies, Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup-Lee and her husband Lloyd Lee are learning the ropes as they go along.

When it comes to travel, so far, they have been able to bring Nyke, their one-year old daughter, to one international destination.

Shamcey tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during an event for Rabeanco, "Once, out of the country, sa Taiwan, kasi strict ang grandparents."

In Chinese families, it is common for young babies to not even leave the house anywhere from six months to one year in the interest of their health, according to tradition.

She explains, "Since kaka-one pa lang niya, it's hard for us to bring her along din talaga."

Even locally, when they have road trips, she says Nyke gets carsick.

She continues, "Nung baby, na-Baguio pa namin siya.

"Pero lately, lagi siya sumusuka sa car. Twice na ganoon.

"For now, ni-limit ko na yung long trips with her."


The couple, who wed in 2014, continue to adjust and compromise, not just in parenting.

For example, when it comes to making summer plans, Shamcey explains that Lloyd, doesn't exactly enjoy the summer months because of the sweltering heat.

She reveals, "Hindi kasi siya mahilig sa mainit!

"We usually travel January to March, ganyan.

"When we didn't have our baby yet, pag Holy Week, umaalis talaga kami to go somewhere cold!"

They've been to the United States, Canada, even Russia, in their bid to escape the heat. 

This was taken in Catherine Palace, Petersburg, Russia.

This was In New York City.

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She asserts, "Yun kasi gusto niya.

"Pero ako, mahilig talaga ako sa beach."

She was 18 weeks preggy here.

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Shamcey grew up in Mindanao, in the province of General Santos, which is close to some beautiful, underrated beach destinations.

But as in all things, Lloyd is also learning to adapt.

As Shamcey discloses, "Ngayon, sabi niya mukhang masaya rin pala mag-beach.


"Pero ang gusto niya yung kakain by the beach, at ayaw pa rin magpainit!" 

For now, they manage to take quick R&R.

She says, "We try to squeeze in a little bit of vacation if I have out of town work, ine-extend yung stay para makapag-relax after.

"Events hosting, that for me is a break from our schedule. 'Yan yung pahinga!"

Instead of bringing along a production assistant or handler, Shamcey says Lloyd tags along with her.

"Lagi ko request pag out of town, siya yung plus one ko. Mga three to four days lang.

"'Yan yung time ko to relax as a couple."


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