Mariel Padilla salutes the five nannies taking care of her and her baby girl Isabella

IMAGE Mariel Padilla on Instagram

Mariel Padilla on her five nannies: "They all have their own contributions in helping me raise my baby girl."

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is beyond grateful for having two most important people in her life right beside her right now: her loving husband Robin Padilla and their six-month-old baby girl, Maria Isabella.

After two miscarriages in March and September 2015, the former Pinoy Big Brother host finally gave birth to her baby girl last November 2016 via normal delivery.

Mariel also lauds the five women who have been there with her throughout her miscarriages, pregnancy, and child birth.

In an Instagram post last May 10, the celebrity mom saluted the five nannies who "all have their own contributions in helping me raise my baby girl."

She wrote, "3 of them have been with me throughout my miscarriages and my successful pregnancy.

"They witnessed all my pain and hardships.

"They know how much motherhood means to me.

"They have seen my transition to becoming a mom... they know my struggles and today they made sure i would feel special."

Her five angels are: "Yaya Mheann who cooks my food so I will have milk to give Isabella, Yaya Erna who washes Isabella's clothes, Yaya Jo our midwife the night shift, Yaya Mary Ann who substitutes Yaya Jo when she goes on day off, and of course Yaya Analyn."

Mariel added, "I actually have a surprise for them on Sunday...pero naunahan nila ako..."

On May 10, her nannies bought her a cake and flowers as their advanced gifts for Mother's Day.

The host wrote, "This is very sweet. I am so touched. thank you!!!!

"Salamat na marami at kayo ang kasama namin sa bahay."





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