How does Bettina Carlos cut daughter Gummy's play time?

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Bettina Carlos reveals how she regulates her daughter Gummy's play time: "I don't make her stop. I just let her. There are benefits kasi when she plays. It's also for her mental, emotion, and social development."

Some parents get ignored by their kids each time they say, “Play time's over.”

In the case of Bettina Carlos, she’s lucky because she doesn’t have to call her daughter Gummy.

“She simply knows when to stop,” she says proudly.

How did she train her to be like that?

“I don’t make her stop. I just let her.

“There are benefits kasi when she plays.

“It’s also for her mental, emotion, and social development.

“Unless there’s a valid reason like it’s eating time or it’s time to sleep or it’s time to go to school.

“Pero she knows when to stop when I tell her and she knows naman why,” she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at an event of Johnson & Johnson recently.

She added, “With her kasi, I noticed, giving an explanation works.”

Even when she was just a toddler, Bettina has been verbalizing whatever she does.


“It's the environment we grew up in.

“My mom was very encouraging, and my lola.

“‘Tapos naka-carrier iyan sa akin noon, part of our bonding sa kitchen, I speak things out.

“Yung every step, I talk, so nakasanayan niya na nag-e-explain ako.”

At what age did Gummy learn how to talk?

She recalls, “Hmmm, what I remember, four months pa lang siya, she’s humming songs na.”

LEARNING HOW TO PRAY. How’s her health?

“Good, super good. Good health is really such a blessing.”

It can be recalled that Bettina had a cancer scare in 2016 after discovering baby tomato-sized nodes near her armpits.

Smiling, Bettina revealed that Gummy continues to pray for her health every night.

The proud mom reveals, "She claims healing.

"It was really a good opportunity to teach my child the power of prayers talaga.

"Nothing Lord cannot do, Nothing Lord cannot hear."

How did she teach Gummy how to pray?


She stresses, "Children see what they copy.

“Sometimes, it's not what you say, it’s how what you do.

"What you do often, they'll do it, and prayer is one of the things I was able to impart to her very early.”

Bettina revealed that Gummy learned how to pray even before she turned one year old.

She continued, “When she was two, I read Bible stories to her every night. Then she started reciting them.

"I thought she can read na, yun pala, she memorize d them lang.

"I make a point that I'll teach her to pray before we sleep.

“I also tell her, ‘Pray if you receive something, pray when you need something. Everytime, you pray.’”

Lastly, we asked how much time she spends with Gummy, who’s an incoming Grade 1 student.

She said, "I really cut down my TV work taping so practically every day na.


“Most of my days are with her, nahihiwalay lang kami when she is in school, and I have meetings.

“But I try to do all my paper work before my meeting and while she is in school, so when I pick her up, I'm all hers."

She underlined, “Yun, I think it is easy to teach her also when you are the center or main figure in her life.

“Kaya, quality time din talaga."


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