Does Ina Raymundo feel hurt when her teen son finds her too clingy for comfort?

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Ina Raymundo confirms that raising teens will definitely test any parent's utmost understanding and patience. She's already feeling a bit hurt now that her eldest son seems to be finding her clingy and feels uncool about being treated as a mama's boy.

Ina Raymundo is already experiencing the challenges of raising a teen.

With two of her elder kids on the verge of adolescence, she admits that the saying is indeed true. 

Her eldest daughter Erika is 15, while her only son Jacob is 13.

Friends of Ina often tell her, “Naku, hintayin mo ‘yan maging teenager, iiyak ka ng dugo!"

"May mga naririnig akong mga gano’n!” the 41-year-old celebrity mom told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a recent phone interview.

“And yeah, it is true!

"May mga struggle, may mga hardships sa pag-handle ng mga teenagers, kasi yun nga, feeling mo nagiging disrespectful sila.

"Sumasagot na!

“Mahirap ma-accept yung parang sumasagot o parang treatment nila sa ’yo hindi parent."

Despite this, Ina sees this challenge as part of the grind.

She admits, “Siyempre, it’s my job to discipline them.

"Parang, ‘Hey, that’s not right! You’re forgetting that I am your mom.’”


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DISCIPLINE STYLE. As a mother of five, Ina says she has different styles in handling her kids.

With her two eldest kids, she's naturally stricter.

“Kasi yung panganay ko, I have to admit, talagang... alam mo yun, may stick na pang-discipline?

"Nagamit ko lang ‘yon do’n sa panganay ko saka sa pangalawa.”

But when it comes to the three younger kids—Miki, 9, Anika, 7, and Minka, 4—the treatment is different.

After all, Ina already knows what to expect and how to respond.

She continues, “Hindi ko sila napalo!

“Kasi nga, siguro hindi ka na nagagalit over sa little things.

"Kapag kalmado ka, mas sinusunod ka nga ng mga anak mo.

“Kumbaga, hindi nila tine-test yung patience ko.”

Ina can imagine that the same kind of rhythm would follow through as her kids grow up.

“I’m sure I can see myself, do’n sa third, fourth, and fifth ko, sobrang cool na cool na lang ako [kapag teens na sila]!


“Immune na ako. Hindi na ako mahu-hurt na pagka ganyang age, ayaw na nila muna makialam [ako sa kanila]."

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FROM “COOL” TO CLINGY MOM. Ina confesses that her biggest pet peeve is when she feels that her grown-up kids no longer seems interested in spending time with her.

She says, “Di ba? Kasi nakakatampo yung you want to spend time, pero sila, ‘No, I want to stay home!’

"Tipong they don’t want to do anything with you na.”

At this point, Ina says her son Jacob already finds her clingy as a mom.

“Siguro mas mahu-hurt ako kapag yung boy ko medyo parang he treats me like ka-age lang o parang hindi mommy, kasi he used to be a mom’s boy and ngayon, hindi niya ako kailangan sa buhay niya.

“It’s painful, kasi he used to be a mama’s boy.

"Talagang ako yung buhay niya, ako yung mundo niya.


“Pero ngayon, para sa kanya, naki-cringe siya sa mga actions ko.

“Yun yung word niya, ‘Cringy!’

“I’m not cool, tipong gano’n,” she adds.

Despite this, Ina often reminds herself to not take it too personally.

She reassures herself, “Alam kong love na love pa rin niya ako…Dapat huwag masyadong matampuhin.”


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