Ruffa Gutierrez lists requirements for daughters' future suitors

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Among Ruffa Gutierrez's requirements for her daughters' future suitors: "Kailangan pumunta pa rin sila sa bahay, ha!"

With her daughters Lorin, 14, and Venice, 13, now in their early teens, Ruffa Gutierrez is bracing herself for the inevitable: her girls will soon have crushes and suitors.

The 43-year-old single mom told the press during her contract signing with ALV Talent Circuit last September 15, "So yung pagbo-boyfriend, it’s gonna happen...

"Ako naman, siyempre, the kids nowadays iba na ang buhay nila ngayon."

But she keeps on telling her daughters: "Huwag naman sana ngayon.

"And for me, I want them to really focus on their studies, and, at the same time, yung maging matatag sila bilang babae that they can learn how to say no.”

Like a lioness protecting her cubs, she added, "They’re such babies pa.

"So yung mga lalake, a, lumayu-layo kayo!"

Smiling, Ruffa acknowledged that she is becoming more like her mom Annabelle Rama.

"It’s so funny kasi ngayon na I have two girls, I sound like her na!"

COURTSHIP REQUIREMENTS. Believe it or not, when it comes to boys, Lorin and Venice consider their mom Ruffa to be much stricter than their Lola Annabelle.

Ruffa said, "They’re like, ‘Mommy, you’re more strict than lola! Lola allowed you to have a boyfriend you’re 18. But mommy, I think you had a boyfriend before 18!"

Among her recent realizations: "So gano’n, kailangan talaga mag-set ka ng good example."

And her preferred style of courtship? Traditional.

“Kailangan pumunta pa rin sila sa bahay, ha!

“Ayoko yung mga live-in, live-in mga gano’n...Di ba ‘yon yung mga uso ngayon sa mga kabataan?

“We don’t care if it’s 2017, we’re still a lola at heart, right?”

Future suitors should also pass the standards of Ruffa.

She quipped, “Ako ligawan nila.

“So please, the boys, you better send me flowers, chocolates, perfumes.

“At kailangan matalino sila!”


But at what age would Ruffa allow Lorin and Venice to have a boyfriend?

“For me, as long as they’re mature enough.

“Baka 18 puwede na.”





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