Janna Dominguez gives birth to third daughter with Mickey Ablan

IMAGE Janna Dominguez on Instagram

Pepito Manaloto star Janna Dominguez gave birth to Baby Julliann Gabriel on Friday night, October 20.

GMA-7 comedienne Janna Dominguez gave birth to her third daughter with long-time partner Mickey Ablan last Friday, October 20.

The couple named their daughter Julliann Gabriel.

The 27-year-old Pepito Manalato star shared the first photos of their daughter on Instagram on Saturday, October 21.

Janna expressed her gratitude towards those who shared this journey with her and her partner Mickey.

Her full caption reads, "Today is another blessing from our Wonderful and Loving God at wala itong katumbas na amount dito sa mundo! Thankyou papaGod for being with me and gabby and @mickey_ablan.

"I am so blessed to have My TRES MARIAS! And my papiko... I loveyou...

"Sa mga nagdasal for my delivery sobrang salamat po kilala nyo na kung sino kayo! And to my OB thank you so much Dra. Ruth Ybay - Castro And to Cordlife for assisting nang todo until the end nang opera

"My sweet Pedia Charm Dungca-arribe pautang muna milk hahahaha muahhhhh

"The Parenting Emporium @theparentingemporium Your Parenting Station by AbeAbe Moms @abeabemoms for my gifts to my ate’s and papi thankyou!

"Anna Capati... Chef jojo javier for my New born Cookies gift set for kids

"ate Yzabel Ablan and Micael Ablan for baking gabby cupcakes amd being super supportive ates

"My Pepito Manaloto Family for supporting me... Okay yan muna add ako mamaya nang pag papasalamat medyo groggy pako hahahaha #JulliannGabriel #HelloWorld"

Janna and Mickey celebrated their 6th anniversary as a couple last June 9.

They already have two daughters named Yzabel and Micael.





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