Michelle Madrigal admits to crying over struggles as first-time mom

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Despite all all her challenges as a new mom, Michelle Madrigal's baby Anika has been teaching her "what UNCONDITIONAL love is."

In celebration of her first month as a newbie mom, Michelle Madrigal gave her Instagram followers a peek into her effortless birthing story.

On October 20, 2017, she welcomed her and fiance Troy Woolfok’s Baby Anika Austin in Texas, U.S.A.

In a short clip she posted on November 21, Michelle could be heard narrating, “One month ago, I met my baby girl Anika.

“And fell in love all over again.”

She also wrote: “No long caption needed, just pure LOVE. [heart emoji]”

No long caption needed, just pure LOVE. ???? #1monthold #momlyfe

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Like any first-time mom, the former actress said she has her share of struggles.

Michelle described her first week with Baby Anika a “roller coaster experience,” and motherhood “hasn’t been easy.”

Michelle wrote on Instagram last October 30, “I am exhausted from all the sleepless nights...Frustrated when I can't seem to understand what she wants every time she cries.

“Worried if I'm giving her enough milk, and somehow depressed when I'm not producing much.

“Sometimes I just cry to let it all out.”

But despite all the hardships, her little angel has been teaching her “what UNCONDITIONAL love is.”

She thanked her soon-to-husband for his support and for “the push and helping me snap back to my pre-MOM bod.”

Weighing at 130 pounds, she hopes to lose ten more pounds “with lean and toned muscle, with bigger [booty], and flat abs.”

This photo was taken during Michelle’s birthday celebration last November 4.

Here's Michelle doing her post-partum workout that includes running, crunches, squats, and push-ups. 

Motherhood suits her well!





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