Expectant Sarah Lahbati looks back on her first pregnancy

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Sarah Lahbati talks about the difference between her first pregnancy from her current one: "My heart grew bigger as I learned that loving has no limits and that is what Zion taught me."

Sarah Lahbati is in the second trimester of her second pregnancy.

The celebrity mom, her fiancé Richard Gutierrez, together with their son Zion, surprised their followers on Instagram last September 18 with the announcement of her pregnancy.

It happened a few weeks after Richard and Sarah outed their engagement.

On her personal blog, SarahLahbati.com, the 24-year-old dancer-actress recalled her pregnancy with Zion.

After a mini Q&A session with Twitter followers, she relived her hurdles as an expectant mom for the first time.

“Oh boy, you name it, I had it when I was pregnant with Zion!” Sarah wrote.

"My back ached all the time.

“My feet were so swollen that I couldn’t wear my usual shoe size.

“I had an insane appetite, too—and yes, I got big.

“During my first pregnancy, I had to deal with Puking. Every. Time. I. Get. A. Headache.

“Add that to skin breakouts!”


Not that she was complaining all the time, “Let’s be fair, being pregnant wasn’t all so bad!

“During my first pregnancy, my hair and skin were so healthy!

“Maybe it was because I ate well, but the glowing skin is one of the things I absolutely loved.”

And this time around, her second pregnancy has been relatively easier.

Moodiness and sleepiness aside, Sarah cheerfully noted, “I didn’t vomit."

Sixteen weeks onwards, she said, “I am able to distinguish real baby movement from abdominal pain.

“I can also feel his heartbeat around the same time when I place my palm on my lower abdomen!

“It’s the loveliest feeling I share with Chard and Zion.”

And the biggest difference between Sarah's first and second pregnancy?

According to her, “This time, I get to be with everyone I love!

“My partner, my son, my family and friends are all here to heap on love and support.


“My mind is more relaxed being more knowledgeable from my first pregnancy.

“I am a bit more prepared, but of course, that doesn’t mean it’s all easy peasy.”

Sarah stayed in Switzerland when she got pregnant with Zion.

LESSONS LEARNED. Sarah’s first pregnancy taught her mostly about the wonders of motherhood.

She wrote, “I learned to appreciate and love my mother even more for everything she has done for me…

“I learned to be tough, to choose my battles wisely.

“My heart grew bigger as I learned that loving has no limits and that is what Zion has taught me.”

This time around, her second pregnancy is about choosing a positive mindset above all else.

“I am learning not to sweat the small stuff, to let go of toxic people that are harming my happiness, to meditate and focus on all the blessings and my happiness.

“When you have a little miracle inside of you, it’s better to channel your energy to be and stay positive!”


Richard and Sarah are expecting another baby boy.





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