Edu Manzano reveals his 'dream travel' with three kids

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Edu Manzano emphasizes the importance of saying "I love you" to your children.

Saying "I love you" is never a problem between Edu Manzano and his son Luis Manzano.

Though some find it baduy, Edu says, Luis has never felt awkward each time he hears his dad say those three words.

At their launch as the endorsers of Shakey’s on January 10, in Paseo De Magallanes along SLEX, Makati, he says, “I never went through a phase that I would go na, ‘I love you, anak,’ [then Luis would say], ‘Daaaad!’

“It was always, ‘I love you, anak,’ [then he would reply], ‘I love you too, Dad.'

"You know what, I have a secret: I honestly love my son. I love my kids.

“You know, I’m not saying it because you’re in front of me with a recorder, okay? I’m saying it because I honestly love my kids."

The father of three emphasizes the importance of being "able to express how you feel."

The actor/host elaborates, “I love to tell my son I love him, and we’d say it in public, you know, wherever we are, and I don’t care who’s listening.

“But I do that to all of my children, and that’s the way [Luis] is with his siblings.

“He often tells them every time when we’re together, ‘I love you.’”

Luis throws in, “As you get older and you realize how fleeting life is, when someone says ‘I love you,' say ‘I love you’ back, especially if you mean it.”

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MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS. Now that Edu's kids are all grown-ups, he can't help but compare family relationships then and now.

He points out, “Before, friendships and family were built face-to-face.

“Now, friendships and relationships are being built via texting, via emails. Less and less phone calls.

“[Luis and I] like to call, we like to do a phone call.”


Hence, Edu's dream is to travel with Luis, Addie, and Enzo sans cellphones and laptops.

“We like to subscribe to the saying: ‘We don’t have WiFi, speak to each other.’ [That way] I always get to learn something about him. Iba kasi, e.

“You know, I think the only real foundation is memories, so you try make great memories every time you get together.”

Both Edu and Luis agree that social media’s prevalence has made majority of us forget the value of meaningful connections.

Luis tells, “Connections are there, left and right. Press one button and you’re automatically friends. But to have a meaningful connection is a rarity.”

And for Edu, social media seem to have made people less kind to one another.

He remarks, “I think all this interconnectivity also brings out the dark side of some people.

“You know, it’s gotta be a happy world. Let’s have fun!

“Life is too short.”

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