Iya Villania addresses netizen's "funny concern" about son Primo's 'pare-parehong' clothes

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Iya Villania-Arellano explains why her son Primo wears the same clothes: "Kids grow out their clothes fast so I like to keep it basic."

Famous parents do not always go for anything flashy and costly, they make practical choices, too.

Iya Villannia gave her fellow moms a winning tip when buying clothes for their growing kids.

Just gotta send out some serious love to my main girl and sister @hannah_olives and beshie @javyo for this awesome gender reveal ?????? from theme, to prep, to documenting, all care of the O’s ?? What would the A’s do without the O’s?! ???? And a shout out to our @avantgardecrossfit fam, @anton7reales and @chrisyanguas for letting us shower the place in blue powder ???? Apir to Kuya James and Christian for cleaning up our mess ???? I know many of you didn’t get the “18.1” but our gender reveal was inspired by the CrossFit Open which recently just started ???? 18.1 is the first wod featuring toes to bar, DB hang clean n jerks and a row ???? Woohoo! Things are going to get crazy in Casa Arellano ???? Gotta stay fit to keep up! ???? #KuyaPrimo #GenderReveal #WeAreNotNamingHimJunJun

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In her Instagram post yesterday, February 27, IG user @jemarcosses asked this question about Iya's tot Primo: “Why he is always wearing the same clothes?”

Iya replied, “As long as those clothes are washed and clean, I don't see what the problem would be.

"This is a funny concern. Kids grow out their clothes fast so I like to keep it basic.

"If you want to buy him clothes then by all means go ahead.”

Iya's followers, who are mostly moms, echoed her point.

Instagram user @ems_marie08 said, “Those who've never been a mom will never understand. I've let my kid be in those types of clothes kc it's presko... madali mairita mga babies pag wala sa Air-conditioned room #JustSaying #RealityBites”

Instagram user @marymisyel, on the other hand, applauded Iya's smart parenting, “I'd do the same if I was a parent. Teaching your kid the value of simplicity w/c is rare nowadays, everybody wants to show off on social media. Hands down to you as a mother."

Instagram users @grasing24 seconded, “True me din I don't buy more clothes to my baby sayang kase naiwanan lang din hehe...”

This was similar to what Instagram user @ambrocio.tricia, who commented, “Actually, mas maganda nga white kasi kita agad dumi. Ako kada laki nila 1 dozen palagi white sando binibili ko.”

Checking out Iya's previous posts about Primo, he has not been exactly wearing the same clothes.

Look, he's wearing a similar sando here but in the shade of gray:


Regardless of what he wears, his son always looks neat and so adorable.

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