Celebrity moms recreate #BumpSquad photo with their babies

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The celebrity moms who got together last year for a #BumpSquad photo shoot reunited for another session, this time with their babies. (L-R: Nikka Garcia, LJ Moreno-Alapag, Charisse Tinio, Camille Prats and Jeck Maierhofer)

Remember the celebrity moms of #BumpSquad?

In July 2017, moms-to-be (L-R) Nikka Garcia (wife of Patrick Garcia), LJ Moreno-Alapag, Camille Prats, Jeck Maierhofer and Bangs Garcia celebrated their pregnancies with a photo shoot. 

They were joined by Charisse Tinio (2nd from left), the woman behind Nice Print Photography, which took the celebratory photos. 

Fast forward to March 2018, the sequel to the #BumpSquad dubbed "The Littlest Batchmates" happened.

This time, the celebrity moms carried the adorable babies who were just bumps in their tummies last year!

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All the moms wore white, while the babies wore onesies bearing their names, and in colors similar to the dresses their moms wore during the first photo shoot. 

The Littlest Batchmates included Nikki's daughter Francisca Pia, LJ's son Calen Asher, Charisse's daughter Sienna Dream, Camille's daughter Nala Camilla, and Jeck's daughter Sarene Paul Rica. 

Meet my batchmates ???????? Pia Calen Nala and Sarene Missing Amelia Birchmore

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Missing from the pack was Bangs's daughter Amelia. Both mom and daughter are in England, where their family is based. 

The babies were born a month after the other, with two babies coming out only a day apart. 

Jeck's daughter Sarene came first on August 8, followed by Camille's daughter Nala on September 22.

The following month, on October 23, LJ gave birth to Calen.

On November 3, Charisse gave birth to baby Sienna, while Bangs gave birth to Amelia on November 4. 

Finally, Nikka's baby Pia arrived on December 27, 2017. 

Can we expect a first-day-of-school photo shoot next? We'll see!





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