James Yap's Baby MJ is a future heartthrob cager

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At his precocious age, James Yap and Michela Cazzola's one-year old baby boy, MJ, has been showing signs of becoming a future basketball superstar, just like his dad.

James Yap and Italian partner Michela Cazzola’s unico hijo is more than just a cute face.

At his precocious age, Michael James or Baby MJ, he has started showing great potential in basketball.

This future heartthrob really “likes to play with ball,” and possibly takes after his dad, who's a basketball superstar.

Proud mommy Michela fondly tells PEP.ph (Phiilippine Entertainment Portal) via Instagram Direct, “At home, he runs everywhere, he likes to play with ball and play with the dog.

“He doesn’t really like to sit for a long time!”

One month ago ???????? Playing ???????????? #myboy

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To this, James captioned “habulan with my bugoy,” and used the hashtags “father and son,” “bonding,” and “love.”

Bugoy is a Visayan term of endearment for “small boy.”

Habulan with my bugoy #fatherandson #bonding #love

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Baby MJ’s fondness for animals and nature is one of the reasons why Mommy Mic and Daddy James try their best to “travel together as much as possible.”

Mic wrote, “My Michael is an animal lover, like mami…”

My Michael is an animal lover, like mami ????????????????????

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Overall, she describes her son as an “extrovert and curious.”

“He loves people… he’s very curious, observes a lot what people around him do.

“He’s playful and happy to meet and stay around people.”

This little kid speaks in three languages: Italian, English, and Filipino.

Porma boy my Bugoy ??

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Is Baby MJ the mini-me of Daddy James or Mommy Michela?

She replies, “Both physically and in terms of personality, I think he’s really a combination of me and James.

“Some people say he looks like me, others say like James, but in fairness he’s really a mix.


“In terms of attitude, he’s talkative, so that’s me.

“But he also observes a lot and that’s from James."

She continues, “But I also think he has his own characteristics, like for instance, he enjoys the company of people and his curiosity.

“He loves to travel too so that he got it from both of us.”





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