Iya Villania shares the wisdom in yaya-free parenting

Kapuso host Iya Villania-Arellano on the wisdom of parenting without a yaya: "I've come to appreciate not being able to rely on someone like that as much, because I feel it's more fulfilling as a mom."

Even before Iya Villania gave birth to her first son Antonio Primo, she had always planned on being a very hands-on mom.

The Kapuso host, who advocates an active lifestyle, said in her July 2016 interview that she didn’t plan on getting a nanny because she was confident that her mom can always lend her a helping hand.

She said, “I only really want to ask for help from mom kapag kunwari wala ako sa bahay, or may kailangan akong gawin, or sandali akong mawawala, or kunwari maliligo ako.”

Iya and hubby Drew Arellano welcomed their first-born son on August 30, 2016.

Three months later, the couple decided to have “angels” at home.

In a recent interview at the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp, Iya told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Before, when we had a yaya, of course, the yaya would do a lot more."

Lately however, she realized the wisdom in taking full responsibility for her parenting duties.

She admitted, “I've come to appreciate not being able to rely on someone like that as much, because I feel it’s more fulfilling also as a mom, ‘cause at least I know I'm responsible for anything that I forget.

“Kunwari maiinis ako na, 'Ba't nakalimutan yung pacifier, or, 'Ay, hindi mo naisip dalhin yung gatas.’

“At least, I don’t have to blame anyone but myself now.”

It also helps that she has an equally hands-on husband when the need arises.

She shared, “When I’m there, he knows. “He knows to give him his medicine when he’s sick, he knows to suck out any mucus when he’s sick.


“I just need to let him know because, of course, it’s not as innate for the dad as it is for the mom.

“And because I’m the one who's always with Primo, I guess it’s just more natural for me so if anything...

“I just need to let him know na, ‘Love, I gave him his medicine at this time,’ or ‘Love, sit him in his toilet before he goes to sleep,’ or ‘Love, please make sure that you put him in the brief na may liner kasi baka mamaya naka-brief lang siya 'tapos mabasa.’

“I just need to remind him.”





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