Maricar de Mesa now well-adjusted to first-time mom's puyat

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Maricar de Mesa's daughter Sky is already nine months old. Sky was born on July 18, 2017.

Maricar de Mesa had a relatively easy time adjusting to her role as a new mom to her daughter, Sky.

“Kabisado ko na siya,” she beamed.

“I know what she likes or not likes.

“I know when she’s hungry, when she’s sleepy… Nag-adjust na ako.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chat with Maricar during the Playdate Aprica event at Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, last April 12.

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But just like every first-time parent, the first couple of months were a difficult adjustment period for Maricar, especially since her partner works in the U.S.

She continued, “Dati, siyempre, nangangapa ako, especially the first two months.

“I was on my own or if not, with my mom lang.

“But after that, nag-adjust na ako…Easier na. A lot easier.”

When it came to her biggest adjustment as a mom, Maricar was quick to point out the sleepless nights.

“Puyat! Puyat talaga.

“Alam mo, iba yung puyat artista, e. Wala kang iniintinding ibang tao. Sarili mo lang.

“Ito iba, kailangan on time yung pag-milk, kundi iiyak.

“Pati yung change of diaper.

“Pero, like what I said, maybe on the fourth month, do’n ako nag-start na, ‘Ah, okay. Okay na. Gumagaan na.’”

Was Sky difficult to put to sleep?

“Kapag hindi makatulog, ikot-ikot lang siya. You just let her be.

“She just finds her position or carry mo lang siya.

“Ang easiest solution sa kanya [is] water. Magdedede siya ng water.”

Maricar was also thankful that her daughter wasn’t much of a cry baby.


She exclaimed, “Happy baby siya. Bungisngis!”


GETTING TO KNOW PAPA. Since Maricar’s non-showbiz partner is based in the US.., the celebrity mom was admittedly worried that Sky wouldn’t recognize her dad.

But thanks to social media and daily video calls, Sky seems to maintain a personal connection with her dad.

Maricar told, “Nakakatuwa. Kahit hindi sila magkita ng three weeks to four weeks, nakikilala pa rin. Parang kahapon lang sila nagkita.”

At the time of the interview, Maricar’s partner was in Manila to visit them.

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