Drew Arellano salutes wife Iya Villania: "Sobra akong na-amaze. Every day is Mother's Day!"

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Drew Arellano on wife Iya Villania: "It was so natural for her to transition from being my wife to first-time mother. Yung kapa, ang stage niya is very minimal, e, na parang, wow! Sobrang panalo siya to the point na sobra akong na-amaze."

Drew Arellano is most grateful to his wife, TV host-actress Iya Villania, for being such a good mom to their son Primo.

He also appreciates Iya's motherly ways of disciplining Drew himself.

As he puts it, “You know when you're mom tells you this, 'When you get older, you'll know why.’

“Now I do. I guess, it's a general thing to say but it's true.

“Whatever it is, ‘Hang your towels, close the toothpaste, you gotta take a bath na ‘cause you know it's too late.

“You know, these are the things na parang, 'I don't want!'

“But now, I realize it's really for the better. Moms know best. They really know what's best for you.”

He has also happily observed the natural transformation of Iya from being single, then a wife, and now a mother.

He says, “It was so natural for her to transition from being my wife to first-time mother.

“Yung kapa, ang stage niya is very minimal, e, na parang, wow!

“Sobrang hands down, sobrang panalo siya talaga to the point na sobra akong na-amaze.

“Sabi ko nga, 'Every day is Mother's Day.'”

My lil happy biyahero.

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LITTLE BIYAHERO. Drew Arellano is also grateful that his work schedule as a travel show host allows him to create precious memories with his son Primo.

“You know, there are different bonding moments na very possible sa amin,” Drew told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters in an interview during the launch of Cerelac's Let's Eat Bulilit campaign held recently.


Drew, 38, says his schedule for Byahe ni Drew, his long-time travel show on GMA News TV, only requires him to be away from his family for about two to three days.

“Usually naman I do the travel show only two days in a week—Wednesday and Thursday or Thursday and Friday, if it's local destination.

“Kapag international, doon ako talagang ano, Facetime or whatever basta makita lang niya ako.

“But, in most cases, ako yung nagpapatulog sa kanya sa gabi...sobrang importante yun sa akin.”

He also mentions switching schedules with Iya to be able to accompany Primo to his toddler school.

“They do exercises and drills, so yun din ang mga bonding moments namin,” he adds.

“In terms of balancing, swerte kami ni Iya because of our work schedule.

“If it’s gonna be like a nine to five, siguro patay kami kasi that's like a whole day.

“That's gonna be hard, that's gonna be tough kasi gusto talaga naming sa amin lumaki ang mga anak namin, wala kaming yaya.”

Does he see Primo becoming a little biyahero, like father, like son?

Drew answers, “I'm in a very lucky position that I get to travel for work.

“I always believe that traveling is the best education.

“So, as early as possible, kung isasama ko si Primo, oh man, that would be great, that would be awesome!”

The family recently went to New Zealand to attend their friends' renewal of vows. 

READY FOR BABY NO. 2. Drew and Iya are expecting their second son.


“It's been a fruitful and wonderful ride,” he says about learning the ropes of parenthood with Primo.

“It's a bit challenging sa first few months, you know, because it's our first, e.

“Then, he looked so fragile; now, puwede mo nang balibagin, puwede mo nang gigilin, puwede mo nang batuhin sa kama.

“I guess for the past year and a half ang dami naming natutunan.

“Hopefully, yung transition ng pagpapaanak ni Iya for the second will be easier and smoother.

“It's challenging pero you know what they say, different child, different experience.”

This interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) takes place on April 28, at their launch as endorsers of Cerelac.





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