Preggy Heart Evangelista enjoys being "pampered" by hubby Sen. Chiz Escudero

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Heart Evangelista on how Sen. Chiz Escudero is more supportive to her now that she's pregnant: "He's just super nice and he's so nice to me, he's so sweet like if he was sweet before, he's even sweeter now and I must say I'm really enjoying the perks of being pregnant."

Heart Evangelista has been getting a lot of support from husband Senator Chiz Escudero now that she's pregnant.

She revealed this in a video interview with Manila Bulletin published today, May 12, after she announced the good news.

She said, "I never really thought that I would have him with me all the time because I’m pretty independent in terms of doing this."

At one point, Sen. Chiz even volunteered to do a blood test just so he could be with Heart and help her overcome her fear of needles.

"I just like to do things on my own, but he’s very supportive.

"And even like just getting my blood test, he also took his blood test because I hate needles.

"So he didn’t really need to get a blood test, but he still took a blood test so I won’t feel alone.

"He’s just super nice and he’s so nice to me.

"He’s so sweet, like if he was sweet before, he’s even sweeter now.

"And I must say, I’m really enjoying the perks of being pregnant," she added.

The GMA-7 actress admitted that she also had her own worries upon learning about her pregnancy.

However, Sen. Chiz was there to keep her worries away.

She continued, "When Chiz told me, it’s like I’m worried, that’s like 'How do you think I’m gonna be?'

"He’s like, 'You know what, if you’re good with your dogs and that’s how you are with animals, then, oh my god, if it’s your baby...'"


PREGNANCY JOURNEY. It was really part of Heart's plan to have a baby.

However, the baby came at the time she least expected it.

"In the beginning, I thought that you will get pregnant like that, but I still consider myself very lucky because we tried it for three months, and then I got pregnant.

"I was really shocked that, 'Oh My, God. I got pregnant.'

"And now is the time that I was working out a lot, so I really didn"t think that I was gonna get pregnant," the actress admitted.

At one point, Heart wanted it to be a secret first.

She confided, "Actually, I thought I would keep it a secret, but it’s just so hard to keep it a secret.

"You know, there are so many things you can’t do, and I didn't realize that the importance of you actually carrying a human being, and there are so many things that you can’t eat and all that.

"So parang I had to tell them right away, and I also needed to ask advice because there are certain things that I'm supposed to do that I can’t do.

"So how do I tell people that I can’t go to this thing, I can’t join the marathon or whatever?

"So I had to tell them."

Aside from the things that she can't do now that she's pregnant, Heart said that there are also activities that she doesn't feel like doing anymore.


She disclosed, "That’s the only thing I’m asking like when you’re pregnant, there are certain things that you don’t feel like doing.

"I don’t feel like painting, so I’m kind of having a problem because it's just gone, parang I just want to sleep all day everyday and watch TV."

"MOMMYHOOD" PLANS. Earlier today, on her Instagram stories, Heart uploaded a photo showing a glittery image of a pregnant woman.

This served as the cover photo of Heart's new set of Instagram highlights, which she called "Mommyhood."

During her interview with Manila Bulletin, the 33-year-old TV personality already divulged a few plans about this new journey, like the baby room and the gender reveal.

Heart revealed, "The baby room is neutral.

"I wanted to make it neutral and I just want it very classic, but it’s so fun to find out. I can’t wait.

"In fact, they wanted us to do the gender reveal party, and then you’re supposed to get the results and give it to your friend, you don’t know.

"But I said, 'Can’t I be the one to present to you the gender?' because I want to know!"

She also believes that she will be a modern version own mother, Cecile Ongpauco, in terms of taking care of her child.

She proudly declared, "I feel like, you know, I want to be my own mom on how I want to interpret being a mom.

"I feel that it will come natural to be protective to love your child, but I think I’m going to be a modern mom, in terms of ...


"I’m not gonna forget about my dreams, I’m gonna dream with my baby, I'm gonna teach her how it's done.

"I lived a full life, so I feel like I have so much, like I have so many stories to share and experiences.

"And I’m excited, I’m excited for my child, it’s gonna be a fun life."

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Heart Evangelista is finally pregnant!
Heart Evangelista is finally pregnant!





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