How Wilma Doesn't imposes no-gadgets rule at home: "No WiFi sa bahay!"

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Wilma Doesnt is happy to say that her four kids "know how to communicate well" with people face-to-face, and not just on the internet.

If our grandparents used to teach our parents not to be too hooked on television, parents nowadays are trying their best not to get their kids hooked on the internet.

But with gadgets becoming the handy way to distract them, parents are also learning how to strike a balance.

For celebrity mom Wilma Doesnt, the solution is a no-brainer.

As a mother of four kids between ages four to 17, the best way to teach them not to be fully dependent on them is simple, they don't have a WiFi system at home.

The WiFi system enables everyone at home to have an internet connection using their mobile gadgets. 

“No WiFi sa bahay!” Wilma told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a recent fashion event at the Manila House Private Club, Taguig City.

Don’t her kids object?

She quickly anwered, “They never ask. I’m the mother, and that’s my rule.”

Wilma added that ome of her kids have gadgets, while the others have to wait their turn.

“Yung seventeen saka fifteen ko, meron silang cellphone.

“Pero yung ten saka yung four, wala silang gadgets. Wala kaming gadgets.”

With this kind of setup, Wilma said her kids are growing up with a better understanding on the importance of having real social connections with people.

The celebrity mom underscored, “They know how to communicate to a real person, not to a cyber, internet person.

“They know how to communicate sa lahat ng bisita [sa bahay] dahil tao yun.

“They know how to communicate well.”

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