Christine Jacob admits being stricter with her daughters than her sons

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Christine Jacob recalls her eldest son Paolo's Japan trip, his first without his parents. She told, "Once he came home, he said, 'It was fun mom, I had no problems.' I'm like, 'Oh, you can handle it na pala.' That's the realization na I need to know, na he can do it on his own."

For most parents, the thought of having their kids travel with only their friends is quite daunting.

Some, however, are more lenient and allow their children to travel with some rules. 

This is exactly what celebrity mom Christine Jacob and her husband Paco Sandejas did.

Just recently, they allowed their eldest child, Paolo, 17, to travel out of the country with his friends.

Paolo went to Japan for over a week with over 20 of his classmates.

This was the couple's graduation gift after Paolo officially finished senior high school last May 5 with flying colors.

Christine recalled, "Like in all things, the initial is always the hardest but once he came home, he said, 'It was fun mom, I had no problems.'

"I'm like, 'Oh, you can handle it na pala.'

"That's the realization na I need to know, na he can do it on his own.

"But me, 'Are you sure? Where are your passports?'" (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with the 51-year-old celebrity mom at the Mother's Day treat of Spiral Buffet in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, Pasay City, last May 13.

Before Christine allowed Paolo to travel out of the country without them, she asked him to give her constant updates.

"That's the agreement, 'I'll let you go but you'll let me know where you are, text me at night, or just let me know that you're alive somewhere and you're okay.'"

She continued, "Those are my only conditions with my kids na you can stay out until one or two a.m. but you just have to let me know, 'Mom, I'm good, I'm know my way home' or 'Mom, I'm in this place.'

"I think that's the trust and communication that parents and children need to have these days." went on to ask how Christine adjusted her parenting style now that Paolo is 17 years old.


"I think the only change is that he's showing me each year that he can handle it already on his own.

"Maybe we have raised him well enough to know that he can make the right decisions."

She continued, "And if in case he fails or he fumbles along the way, as long as he can stand up again and try again...

"I don't expect perfect children, but I would hope that they would always try to do the right thing at the end of the day."

Christine, however, admitted that she's a lot stricter when it comes her two daughters, Maria and Nina.

The Real Talk host said, "My girls complain. Like, 'Bakit si Kuya was able to travel?' Nako, I'm sure my [eldest daugher] is gonna say, 'Me also, Mama!'

"It's always equality right now, but I keep telling my girls that it can't be equal, 'You're still a girl and I might have to hold you back a little longer.'"

Christine ended, "I guess it's only but natural, kasi babae sila. I know a lot of people might complain na, 'Why? It should be equal?'

"But there's something I think with a mom, I don't know, wanting to protect her little girls a little more."


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