Bettina Carlos not yet ready for daughter Gummy to become a celebrity


Bettina Carlos reveals that people often recognize her daughter Gummy (left) more than her: "Minsan nagugulat ako na kilala nila si Gummy, ako hindi kilala. Si Gummy binabati nila, ako hindi binabati."

With the advent of social media, celebrity kids have started becoming popular among showbiz fans and have attracted their own set of followers.

But this didn’t lessen the surprise Bettina Carlos feels whenever people recognize her daughter Gummy more than her.

“Si Gummy binabati nila, ako hindi binabati,” Bettinna told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after a recent mini-cooking workshop at SM Megamall.

The reality of it amused the celebrity mom.

She said, “Kilala nila si Gummy, ako hindi kilala.”

What's Gummy's reaction when people she doesn't know says hi?

The single mom said, “She’s shy, e. Gummy is the kind who takes some time to warm up, but when she does, she’s very friendly.

“She’s just shy initially, pero she also gets caught off-guard na, ‘Who’s that? You know her?’”

In the beginning, Gummy was understandably unenthusiastic about the attention.

“Like, if I’m at an event, napapagod siya. Parang, ‘Ouchie na face from smiling,’ ganyan…

“She would be masungit to smile kasi hindi niya kilala.”

But Bettina talked to her seven-year-old girl and related how people are actually just as shy as she is.

“I told her, ‘You know, these people are shy also like you. But they are being brave so that they could have a picture with you,’ sabi ko ganyan.

“So natutunan na niya na kapag may lumalapit, mag-aayos na siya 'tapos magi-i-smile siya.

“Natututo siya.”

And true enough, while was interviewing Bettina, a parent and her daughter approached Gummy for a picture.

Gummy put aside her mom’s phone, flashed a smile, and posed for a photo.


READY FOR SHOWBIZ? Bettina isn’t too keen on allowing Gummy to enter showbiz.

She said, “Actually, gusto niya. She likes kasi she’s a performer.      

“Ako yung may ayaw, ayoko pa.


“Okay na iyong mga ganito. Mga commercial lang, mga online endorsements lang.

“Kapag matanda na siya. After college.”

As a celebrity parent, Bettina wants Gummy to enjoy a life away from the spotlight first.

She said, “Ako, I wasn’t even a child star when I started. I was a teenager na, but I also struggled with my own freedom.

“I couldn’t enjoy in my own terms, because I always had to be conscious of people watching you.

“Kasi I want her to enjoy life as a kid, life as a child. The freedom of being carefree.”

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