Gretchen Barretto feels jealous and neglected: Guess why?

IMAGE @gretchenbarretto / @dominique on Instagram

Gretchen Barretto feels the pain of a typical mom seeing her child grow away from her. Her unica hija Dominique Cojuangco is now 23 years old.

Every now and then, Gretchen Barretto posts on Instagram snippets of her bonding moments with daughter Dominique Cojuangco.

These glimpses of their daily lives show that the glamorous Gretchen is also a doting mom to her "little one."

Here's a scenario Gretchen has captioned "conversations...with Dominique":

Mother and daughter are in the kitchen cooking.

Dominique is off-camera and Gretchen tells her, "You're gonna get your mom upset..."

Dom (Dominique's nickname) teases her mom to lower her voice, “Indoor voices, indoor voices. She was yelling at....”

With her voice still calm, Gretchen tells off Dominique, “Yeah, because you won’t listen to me.

“Your friends are around, and then you just don’t talk to me anymore.

“I get jealous, you know!

"I don't do that to you when Mimi Que and Patty [Pineda] are here. I still talk to you."

Laughing, Dominque throws in, "No, they talk to me."


Gretchen also laughs, quickly forgetting her moment of tampo, then dances.

Referring to her dated dance move, she says, "This is so old, never put your fingers up."

Motherhood ???????? conversations with my little one @dominique ????

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It looks like Gretchen simply wants the same attention Dominique gives to her friends.


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