Liz Uy opens up about her journey to motherhood

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Celebrity stylist Liz Uy opens up about her pregnancy, the dad of her baby, and motherhood in an interview with PhilStar Supreme's Irish Christianne Dizon.

For the first time, Liz Uy talked lengthily about becoming a mother in her interview with PhilStar Supreme's Irish Christianne Dizon.

Liz gave birth to her son Xavi on September 20, 2017.

She first learned about her pregnancy on February 5, 2017—a few days before New York Fashion Week and her 35th birthday.

She described her first trimester as hellish.

Liz revealed she suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which, according to, is a "condition characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and electrolyte disturbance."

That explained her absence from the wedding of her close friend Anne Curtis last November suddenly made sense.

Her social media followers did not have an inkling what was wrong with her partly because her condition had kept her slim.

Liz resumed her normal life and went back to work only after her fourth month. But on her sixth month, she took a break to concentrate on her pregnancy.



She said her first few days as a mom was quite daunting.

She recalled the first time she gave baby Xavi a bath, "I was so scared. But if not me, who was going to do it? Lalong ayaw ko siya ipahawak sa strangers."

Her major challenge was producing enough breast milk for Baby Xavi.

"Grabe yung iyak ko because I felt so inadequate. I wanted to give Xavi my 100 percent."

Now here's her advice to moms who are experiencing the same problem: Seek help from experts.

She told PhilStar Supreme, "'Producing milk is 90 percent believing and 10 percent doing.'

"Alam mo after just one session, the milk came. As in gusto ko siyang i-hug!

"I hope this tip helps other struggling moms out there."

Liz is fully embracing motherhood.

She said, beaming, "Now, gamay na gamay ko na si Xavi. One cry and I know what he’s looking for."


Liz's partner, Raymond Racaza, also spoke for the first time.

And to hush the rumors, PhilStar Supreme elucidated that Raymond was "already estranged from his wife, and who has since been annulled" when he and Liz became together.

The businessman said about Liz, "She’s a very hands-on mom, especially with the round-the-clock feeding.

"Despite her other obligations, she would always rush home to be with our son."


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