Pauleen Luna proud about Baby Tali's latest milestone

IMAGE @marasotto on Instagram

Pauleen Luna is proud of the latest 'achievement' of Baby Tali.

Pauleen Luna shares a "proud mama moment."

At nine months old, her baby, Talitha Maria, already knows how to mano.

This is such a big milestone for the first-time mom because she wants her little one to "grow up knowing how to 'mano' and say 'po and opo.'"

The wife of Vic Sotto added, "When we started to teach her, she would often put my [hand] straight to her mouth. But now, she gets it!"

Other than pagmamano, Baby Tali's other talent is smiling for the camera.

Look, isn't she a little star in the making?

Her mom says on Instagram, "...this baby can steal many hearts!"

She's a happy baby, too.

When mom and dad brought her to Hong Kong, she was smiling even after "12 hours of waiting and flying!"


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