Lucy Torres-Gomez welcomes daughter Juliana's male friends: "Boys and girls can be friends"

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Family and friends are at the core of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez's parenting approach with daughter Juliana. While Lucy reminds Juliana about loving family, Richard tells their unica hija to find her own family among friends she makes.

Juliana Gomez is turning 18 on September 8, and it is no secret that the unica hija of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez already has suitors vying for her attention.

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Lucy said she is not particularly worried that her daughter has reached this stage when young love and romance beckon.

"I always tell her that falling in love is a beautiful thing," she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the opening day of Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2018 last Friday, August 31, in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

"I don’t say, ‘No, no. You’re not allowed to be friends with boys’ or boys are not welcomed at home; in fact, she has a lot of male friends and they come to the house.

"I tell her lang, ‘Huwag magmadali.' At that age, you’re so young. You feel na kasi it’s love, but ang layo pa niyan.

"Parang ang babata pa talaga nila. So I said na, ‘Make a lot of friends.’"


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Family and friendship have always been at the core of Richard and Lucy's parenting approach towards Juliana.

"She’s like her dad, e. She’s really big on friends," the congresswoman continued.

"I see the wisdom in that because through the years, the ones who have become like family to us are really from Richard’s wide network of friends. He has [friends] from when he was small. He doesn’t end friendships.

"I remember one time, maybe five years ago, she said, ‘Mama, di ba I’m an only child? But look at my banyo, I have 11 toothbrushes!’ Because all her female friends sleep over.

"I love it when the house is filled with her friends, so they take over the kitchen and they bake.

"I want her to have a normal childhood and to grow up not thinking that boys and girls can’t be friends, because they can be friends!


"It doesn’t also have to be, ‘Baka nandito yan kasi nanliligaw yan?’ Di ba? Why put malice in something simple?"

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Lucy further said, "Since her dad became mayor and spends most of his time in Ormoc, sometimes she sleeps also with me in my room.

"There are nights na parang hindi na kami makahinga kasi we’re just laughing and laughing.

"I know there are things she can talk to me about that she will never be able to bring up with her dad. The usual things—boys, manliligaw…

"I find myself really enjoying her company, and seeing just how happy a person she is, and how she really makes me laugh."

It is obvious to everyone that Richard, Lucy, and Juliana have a tight bond, this "little family of three" making it look so easy and joyous.

It is also known that Juliana is her daddy's girl, but the soon-to-be debutante has always considered her mom as her best friend. And she is secure in the knowledge that no one can ever replace her in Lucy's heart.


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