Nikka Garcia's "5 generations" post on Instagram amazes netizens

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Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez's daughters—(L-R) Michelle, Pia, and Patrice—are blessed because they still have a grandma, great grandma, and great-great grandma on their mother side.

How many of you have met your great-great grandmother?

Nikka Martinez-Garcia's "5 generations" post on Instagram has amazed her followers.

It's actually a "priceless" photo of her and her daughters—Michelle, Patrice, and Pia—together with her mom Mikki (left), great grandma Florence (2nd from left), and grandma Che.

Yup, the great-great grandma of Patrick Garcia's three girls is still alive and "very energetic," according to one of Nikka's posts.

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Most comments are about her mom and grandma looking like sisters. Some asked, "Meron ba kayong fountain of youth?"

Others are curious about the ages of the ladies. Nikka is 30, her eldest Michelle is six years old, Patrice is two, and Baby Pia is turning one on December 27, 2018.

???? @michellepatricepia

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A netizen asks about the age gaps.

Nikka's mom quips, "30, 35, 45 and 60 hahaha."

Addressing her mom, the celebrity mom replies, "Hala, mi. U were 5 when u had Me???"

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Her great grandma though will be turning 95 this coming October. And at her age, Nikka wrote in her previous posts that she's incredibly strong and still so hilarious!!!" 


This was taken last year when she celebrated her 94th birthday.

Part of Nikka's birthday message read: "Don't forget, you will award pa my girls during their high school graduation ha!???? we love you to bits!!!"

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