Lucy Torres always tells Juliana being a good person is more important than being the best

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Juliana Gomez, the unica hija of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez, is turning 18 this Saturday, September 8.

Lucy Torres-Gomez says raising her daughter Juliana is all about striking a balance between leniency and discipline.

"I think, coming from my background and how I was brought up, it’s very different from Richard’s," the congresswoman tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Bench Fashion Week held on August 31.

"Through the years, it’s been more of a dance. [Richard] had to adjust to me, and I had to adjust to him.

"If I had my way, it would all be ‘No, no, no’ kasi growing up in the province is different."

Though growing up in Ormoc didn't exactly give Lucy a night life to speak of, Lucy still had a 10 p.m. curfew imposed by her parents when she was in college.

When it was time for her to give Juliana a curfew of her own, she was convinced by Richard to be a bit flexible about it.

She explains, "Richard nga was telling me, 'Honey, you have to see it naman from Juliana’s perspective. She’s an only child. She can’t always be with adults lang…'

"I grew up with siblings, so kahit na hindi kami lumabas ng bahay, parang hindi ka naman dehado kasi you have people your age…

"Sa amin lang ni Richard, hindi kami puwede nagtatalo sa harap niya… We compromise."

At the end of the day, Lucy simply wants Juliana to "honor what was agreed on."

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Aware of the constant pressure on kids to always be the best, Lucy says she simply wants Juliana to choose kindness above all else in life.

The 43-year-old congresswoman relates, "I've always taught her that the sun shines for everyone. Kindness has to be a priority.

"You don’t need to compete with others or step on others just to get ahead, because there's really no such thing as getting ahead.

"I also want her to enjoy her youth. I want her to enjoy school.

"So I say more than being the best or the first or the top, it’s more important that you build relationships, that you nurture relationships—that you’re a good person.

"Kasi yon naman talaga ang babalikan-balikan mo, e."

Juliana is turning 18 on September 8.

The young Gomez is set to have a disco-themed party for her debut.

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