Isabel Oli-Prats recounts scary moments of her second pregnancy

Isabel Oli-Prats was stricken with anxiety for the first few months of her pregnancy.
by FM Ganal
Nov 1, 2018
John Prats, Isabel Oli-Prats, and their daughter Feather await the arrival of their newest family member, Daniel Freedom. Isabel, who is on her 36th week of pregnancy, is thankful the difficult part of her pregnancy is over.

As early as 2016, when their daughter Feather was six-months-old, John Prats and Isabel Oli-Prats had already planned to have a second child.

After two years of trying, Isabel and John finally got their wish this year, but the wait had been an excruciating journey.

The celebrity mom went through a series of challenges that tested her patience and faith.

"Ideally, we wanted to get pregnant when Feather would turn one, but it didn't turn out as planned," Isabel revealed in her blog.

"I vividly remember crying every time I got my period.

"There were times when we stopped trying 'cause John and I would get so distraught every time we get that single line on the pregnancy test.

"We’ve toyed with the idea that maybe, we are destined to only have one child."


The soon-to-be mother of two recounted the suspense and anxiety over her second pregnancy.

She narrated, "My menstruation cycle is almost always on the dot, so when I got delayed for two days I was more than thrilled.

"I took my home pregnancy test but the result was negative. Tested again the next day and thereafter but acquired the same result. Hence, I was worried 'cause we've been really trying hard for a long time already.

"So I went to see my ob-gyne, Dr. Valerie Guinto. The moment she saw me, she instantly asked, 'Are you pregnant?'

"I was like, how I wish (I was visiting her for other health concerns for I had been feeling 'off' before I took my pregnancy tests), and then proceeded to tell her all that has been currently ailing me (getting easily tired, feeling dizzy and bloated all the time).

"I told her as well the results of my pregnancy tests. She asked me to undergo a blood test to find out if I was not really pregnant. She said we can get the result after three hours or so.


"I went home after taking the blood test and waited. I think that was by far, the longest wait ever...

"My husband at that time had no idea. So when my OB called, my heart skipped a beat. I was anxious, nervous, and excited at the same time.

"When she finally spoke, the words that came out of her mouth were music to my ears, 'Congratulations, Liv! You are pregnant.'

"The reason why it didn’t show on the home pregnancy test was it was way too early. Words can’t express how happy I was...

"My husband, still clueless about what happened, wondered why I was sobbing. When I told him, he cried too.

"We were so overjoyed!!! The Lord has heeded our prayers."


But the week after the good news, Isabel faced another round of distressing challenges.

During one of her regular checkups, her OB-GYN saw a "pooling of blood" around the baby sac.

"[It was] not a good sign. [My doctor] advised me to go on bed rest for two weeks," Isabel said.

"Despite of that, it didn’t disappear and even got bigger.

"My doctor recommended me to go on bed rest again for several weeks. She performed a series of tests on me and gave me a bunch of medications.

"Aside from this, my morning sickness was ten times worse compared to my first pregnancy coupled with hyperacidity attacks, sleepless nights, nausea, headaches, and my very odd appetite."

But Isabel's troubles did not stop there.

"A boil appeared on my face, right on my T-ZONE area. My dermatologist, Dr. Issa of SkinCell, told my OB that I had to take antibiotics to avoid further harm and complications.


"My OB disagreed 'cause at that moment my baby's condition was at risk already, and taking antibiotics might worsen the situation.

"She told my derma to wait until everything will get stable and fine.

"After a week, my derma said my boil is getting worse, and may possibly lead to blindness if not treated soon..."

At that point, Isabel's OB-GYN had no choice but allow the antibiotics.

The expectant mother was understandably agitated throughout this ordeal.



Weeks of bed rest did not help ease any of Isabel's worries. A hands-on family woman, she was distressing over being immobile.

She continued on the blog, "I'm a kind of a woman who is always on the go, and I always make sure my tasks for the day get accomplished... Even if I have a nanny and a househelper, I continually supervise their work and tasks at home.

"When it comes to Feather though, I don't supervise. Hubby and I take care of her personally, and our nanny just assists us...

"Who will personally take care of Feather if I’m on bed rest and hubby is out? Who will supervise the household? Who will help John prepare his stuff for taping and his other activities?

"Yep. Call me an unreasonable worrier, but that is me..."

Good thing Isabel's mom, Veronica, stepped in to help her daughter out.


"My 75 yo Mom from SG flew in and vouched to take care of Feather while I’m on bed rest... Good thing I’m blessed with families who are always ready to offer help!"

Still, despite the extra helping hands, a part of Isabel remained restless.

She said, "I envied other mommas who were still able to travel, work, workout, and do other things which I also wish I could do.


"Can't stop comparing my pregnancy to my first and from other mommas who seemed to be enjoying their uncomplicated pregnancies.

"I simply wanted to delight in being pregnant for the second time. That's all..."

Then during a quiet afternoon of self-reflection, Isabel had a realization.

"God was actually teaching me to be patient and to always be faithful to Him alone—to only listen to Him and not my impatient self.

"And to never, ever compare myself with others... I was blessed and rebuked at the same time.

"Who am I to question the Lord Almighty?"

Isabel embraced the reality that all pregnancy journeys were made to be different.

Now, the celebrity mom is enjoying her 36th week of pregnancy.

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John Prats, Isabel Oli-Prats, and their daughter Feather await the arrival of their newest family member, Daniel Freedom. Isabel, who is on her 36th week of pregnancy, is thankful the difficult part of her pregnancy is over.
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