Jodi Sta. Maria enjoys being a student alongside son Thirdy

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Jodi Sta. Maria and son Thirdy both share the struggles of being a student, and the celebrity mom considers it as a good thing. "Parang, 'Yes! We have something in common!'"

Jodi Sta. Maria and son Thirdy are both busy with their respective studies.

The celebrity mom is on her final year in her pre-med course at Southville International School, while her 13-year-old son is off to junior high school next school year.

During a short chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Jodi expressed her joy to be sharing a one-of-a-kind experience with her son.

"You know what, it's actually fun in a sense na parang alam mong nasa isang plane lang kami ngayon na nag-aaral kaming pareho," she said.

"Kapag Tuesday, sabay kaming magigising; kung sino lang unang maliligo, and then sabay papasok ng school, and then uuwi ng house.

"Nagiging parang sort of bonding namin pareho, and then parang, 'Yes! We have something in common!' kasi di ba, ang tanda ko na and he's turning 13? So parang feeling ko, meron kaming pareho at this season in our lives."

Whenever she could, Jodi lends Thirdy a helping hand.  

"Sometimes, I would tell him, 'If you need any help, just ask Mama questions.'

"Minsan kapag math ang usapan, 'Wait lang anak, panoorin ko muna sa YouTube!'"

In exchange, Thirdy would help out his mom, too.

"There was one time I needed to do a clay model of a neuron, and so I was just asking him for his inputs. 'Paano? Anong magandang color?' ganyan. Ang cute. Nakakaaliw lang!"

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These past years of taking up a pre-med course has molded me, trained me, tested me...but here I am almost at the end of the race as I finish my last year of undergrad studies. I’ve played many roles in my life — an actor, daughter and most importantly being a mother. But being a student had me seeking out one of the most important gifts from God — the chance to pursue my BS Psychology degree. Each subject I had was an opportunity to develop myself and achieve new accomplishments. With every challenge and experience, God prepared me and taught me to run my race without quitting. I have learned to be receptive to the whole process, more aware of what I am learning and why. I want you to know how exciting and stimulating an education can be. With a grateful heart, I am beyond happy to share with you that I was able to finish this semester with flying colors. Thank you, God for the gift of perseverance, patience, and the eagerness to learn and become a student of life. I am just at the start of what will be an even greater journey, and I am excited where it will take me. One year nalang...push pa more! ❤️ “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 ❤️🌈🙏🏼

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Jodi has never ceased to amaze fans with her ability to juggle priorities.

Apart from school, Jodi maintains a steady stream of work as an actress and endorser. She also manages to squeeze in time to travel for leisure, to exercise at the gym, and to indulge in her personal interests.

And what's the secret to achieving all of these?

The ABS-CBN star said, "I would always say that we have to fight for our time. Hindi kasi ako naniniwala na wala tayong time, e. It's just a matter of what your priorities are.

"In this business, especially in show business, di ba lagi they will fill you schedules left and right? Ang daming demands.

"But it's still up to you! I always believe that we have a choice to find that time and stick to that time and fight for it."





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