LJ Reyes reminds moms not to depend too much on the Internet


LJ Reyes, soon-to-be mother of two, sees parents of today as too dependent on social media for parenting advice. She says, "Not everything that applies to other kids can apply to your child."

For LJ Reyes, no one knows better than herself on how to guide her eight-year-old son, Aki.

The GMA actress, pregnant for the second time, firmly believes in the wisdom of trusting one's instinct in raising children.

That is also her advise to new moms and dads, having observed their tendency to browse the Internet for guidelines on how to become parents.

LJ tells PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "Since na-experience ko yung motherhood na walang social media, parang, I see the difference 'tapos okay naman yung anak ko.

"I always tell my friends na new parents na, 'You know, you don't have to listen to everybody's advice.'

"Sabi ko, 'You follow your instinct as long as may guidance ka ng doctor sa mga what to do and what not to do, ganyan.'"

LJ first became a mom in 2010 when she gave birth to Aki, her son with former partner, Paulo Avelino.


Back then, social media had not yet played an integral part in people's daily lives.

The Kapuso celebrity mom also points out, "Not everything that applies to other kids can apply to your child.

"So lagi kong sinasabi na kailangan ikaw mismo, yung instinct mo as a mother, as a parent na 'this is what’s best for my child.'

"Kasi minsan nakaka-pressure talaga na parang lahat ng tao, 'Uy, mali iyan! Dapat ganito…'

"'Tapos sasabihin sa kabila, 'Ay, hindi, tama iyan.'

"Sino po susundin ko? Kayo na lang, ganun…"

PEP.ph's chat with LJ takes place at her baby shower on November 25.

She and her current partner, Paolo Contis, are expecting a baby girl.

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LJ has also noted the rise of different kinds of parenting styles.

"Sabi ko, 'Parang nung lumalaki naman tayo, may isa lang na kind of parenting? Wala na bang iba’t-ibang way?' Pero ngayon, marami na.

"Parang nakita mo yung generation ng parents mo, how they were, generation natin, and then generation ng kids.

"Medyo marami na ring entitled na kids, so parang, oops, I think it's about time not to be too easy on kids.

"Kasi kapag tanda nila, mahirap ang buhay. I mean, hindi puwedeng masyadong spoon-fed lahat."

According to the 30-year-old celebrity mom, she and Paolo are focused on teaching their children to be self-reliant.

"Nandun kami na we balance it. Kailangan, siyempre, nurturing ka pa rin, but, at the same time, you discipline your child.

"Not for you na para maging easier for you na alagaan siya, pero for them, kasi paano kapag bigla ka nawala?


"Anong mangyayari sa kanila? Maglilimos sila? Di ba, hindi?

"You train them, di ba? Kasi one day, you're going to let go of them, and they're going to have their own family.

"So ngayon pa lang, i-train mo na."

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