Eric Tai and Rona Samson are expecting a baby boy

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It's a boy! Eric Tai and wife Rona Tai announce the gender of their baby on Christmas Day.

Rona Samson and Eric Tai are having a baby boy.

The couple made the announcement through Instagram on Tuesday, December 25, as they celebrated Christmas with their family.

For their baby's gender reveal, the former It's Showtime! host performed a dead lift with a pair of black bags filled with powder placed on each side of the weights.

Blue powder poured out of the black bags when Eric dropped the barbell, revealing the gender of their first baby.

Rona, who wished for a baby girl, shared the video on Instagram with the caption, "Merry Christmas Everyone! IT’S A . . . . . . . . . . . . . BOY! #RoadToBabyTai #genderreveal #christmas"

Eric, who wanted a boy, considered it as his best Christmas gift ever and wrote, "It’s a.............. TAAAIIIIII..... haha BOY!!! #RoadToBabyTAI

"This is one reason why I’ve been training deadlifts so darn much!!! Finally PAID OFF!!!

"Congrats to all those that guessed it right.... and for all those that have supported us all the way through Rona Samson-Tai & I’s KATO #IVF journey!!!



"Big thanks to the Samson Family, the Director haha @lhorsam & @ahrylsamson & Marz for keeping it a secret and nailing it through!!!

"LOVE YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS SA LAHAT!!! P.S Tita Odette truly called it with the BAYABAS!!! Hahahaha

"#FitGamer #EruptionMode???? #AndTheBarBent #TeamEricRona #Thankful #GenderReveal"

Rona is due to give birth in April 2019. The couple first announced their pregnancy through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) last August 14.

Eric and Rona have been trying to conceive since they got married in March 2015.


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