Sharon Cuneta's constant prayer for her millennial kids

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Megastar Sharon Cuneta (3rd from left) and Senator Kiko Pangilinan (leftmost) are " very careful" not to give their kids—(L-R) Miguel, Frankie, and Miel—"any sense of entitlement." Also in photo: KC Concepcion (rightmost), who is Sharon's daughter with former husband, Gabby Concepcion.  

Sharon Cuneta appreciates being a mom to young millennials.

"These millennials, they keep me young, and I love it," the Megastar told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) back in the History Makers Award in 2018.

Her eldest daughter is KC Concepcion, 33, but she has two younger daughters with husband Senator Kiko Pangilinan: Frankie, 18, and Miel, 14.

Miguel, 9, their only boy, is their youngest child.


But as Sharon quickly learned, this new generation of teens and kids have easier access to a lot of information.

She continued, "There's so much about this new world that every thing, all this new technology offers them… [It] can have a negative impact on them.

"Now, you have the world at your fingertips, so you have to be careful...

"So, you have to sift through all these, there's too much information for a human being to handle on any given day..."


With this in mind, Sharon has one constant reminder to her children.

"Always leave the world a better place than when you first entered it...

"You have to pick what you want to focus on, and I just pray they pick what's gonna be good for their souls and their hearts, and eventually for the country and the world.

"And you know, as persons and Christians, not get into things that won't help at all or even harm or change them...

"We're also very careful not to give them any sense of entitlement. It's important to us… I'm very careful that they experience—Kiko and I are always aware that they should experience delayed gratification the way we did."


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