Jerika Ejercito pregnant with fourth child

IMAGE @jerikaejercito on Instagram

Jerika Ejercito (shown with hubby Miguel Aguilar Garcia and sons Isaiah, Daniel and Michael) took to Instagram earlier today, January 26, to announce that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

Jerika Ejercito is pregnant with her fourth child.

The eldest daughter of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez made her announcement earlier today via Instagram.

Jerika has twin sons (Daniel and Michael, now one year old) with Spanish husband Miguel Aguilar Garcia, and has another son (Isaiah) with her former boyfriend Bernard Palanca.

She also disclosed that she is scheduled to give birth in July 2019.

Jerika's fans are concerned as to how she will manage her pregnancy in light of the forthcoming campaign period for this year's midterm elections.

She is running for councilor for Manila's 4th district, and this early, Jerika is already making her rounds in her turf.

In her Instagram post, she also expressed her thanks for "yet another beautiful miracle."


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