Kyla prays for another baby this year

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Rich ALvarez, Kyla, and Toby on a tour of Disneyland in Paris, and France early this month. They visited churches and cathedrals, and sought divine assistance for another child.

Kyla and husband Rich Alvarez have always wanted a second child.

Early this month, the couple of almost nine years and their five-year-old son Toby went on a European tour.

Aside from seeing well-known tourist spots, part of their itinerary was to visit cathedrals and churches.

In an Instagram post last January 18, Friday, the 38-year-old celebrity mom shared one of her prayers: to have another baby in the family.

She posted their family photo with the Le Mont-Saint-Michel as their backdrop and wrote, "Rich and I have this dream to travel around the world with our kids...

"(if we will be blessed to have another baby this year or next year...we prayed in every church we saw in this trip. And we claim we will be blessed with another one)."

Kyla and her husband have been trying to bear another child since last year.

It can be remembered that the singer suffered from miscarriage twice, in March and November 2018.


As she continued her post, Kyla said that trips have been helping Toby improve his well-being.

The Kapamilya singer narrated, "We want to show the kids that the world can be safe, kind, and fascinating.

"We noticed that traveling has been good for Toby.

"We saw how it helps improve his communication skills, his behavior and learn to follow family rules.

"It’s been really good for him, for Rich and I, for our little family.

"It builds this unbreakable bond between us. It’s a beautiful thing.

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