Rica Peralejo recalls how she revealed to son Philip that he was going to be a kuya

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Rica Peralejo begins to realize the kind of joy a new baby will bring to her firstborn, Philip: "It blesses me to hear that this baby is not only bringing us happiness and fulfillment for our own desires but a deeper faith in the Lord."

Rica Peralejo is excited about her pregnancy, and ecstatic about the idea that her first child Philip is going to be a kuya.

Now pregnant with another child, the former actress has begun to realize the kind of joy a sibling will bring to her firstborn.

The soon-to-be mother of two once thought that God only willed for her and husband Pastor Joseph Bonifacio to have one child, and, for a time, Rica accepted it.

But when she began to notice that Philip wanted a sibling, Rica encouraged her son to pray with her for a new baby to come their way—and it happened!

In an Instagram post, the celebrity mom recalled the day she and Pastor Joseph announced the good news to Philip.

Her post read: "Because of our losses, I had to struggle with the thought that what if God really just willed for us to only have one child?


"It was hard but in the end I raised my arms up in surrender and told the Lord I am satisfied.

"I am more than blessed to have Philip, and never lacking anything in having Jesus in my heart.

"But then I began to notice Philip’s longing for a sibling.

"I think he felt this more and more as he saw friends, who were siblings, as those who always went out and went home together.

"I then thought that the baby really isn’t only for me and husband only, but even for Philip.

"How selfish was it to give up a dream that will bless not only us, but also this little man in our lives, and possibly even the world! (We believe in the next gen as world changers, right???)

"So we encouraged him to pray and pray and pray.

"And finally, it happened.

"On Christmas eve I presented three gifts for him. Two from his parents and one from God, we said.


"Two for Philip and one for KUYA Philip, and inside the third box is the baby’s ultrasound photos. [heart emoji]

"Last night, out of the blue, this is what he said: 'God heard my prayer for a baby sibling.'

"He has heard, indeed. And it blesses me to hear that this baby is not only bringing us happiness and fulfillment for our own desires but a deeper faith in the Lord.

"What else could I give and pray for my own child that would have an everlasting mark in his heart, right? [heart emoji]

"Sorry for the long post. I just feel like sharing. Hope this little story blesses you the way it blesses my heart, too!!! [star emoji] #mamawonders"


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