Saab Magalona, Jim Bacarro write a lullaby for late daughter Luna

IMAGE @saabmagalona on Instagram

February 8 marks the first birthday of Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro's twins, Pancho and Luna. Unfortunately, this day also marks the death anniversary of Luna.

February 8 is a bittersweet day for Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro.

A year ago, the couple welcomed their twins, Pancho and Luna, to the world.

Sadly, on the same day, they lost Luna due to complications.

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Today, as they celebrate their twins' first birthday, Saab and Jim honor their late daughter with a lullaby.

Saab posted a teaser of their song early this month.

Her caption revealed a bit of back story to the song.

It read, "Jim and I wrote parts of this song about 6 years ago. We never could finish it.

"It was after our baby girl’s passing that we learned it was meant for her.

"'Luna' will be released on her death anniversary, Feb 8."

Early today, it was the songwriter-musician's turn to open up about the song.

Jim highlighted the lyrics, "we'll keep on dreaming" and "we'll keep believing."


In his caption, he mused, "This past year, our friendship was put to the test.

"We tried so hard to be strong for one another.

"Sometimes to a fault where we wouldn't share our pain to spare the other from feeling hurt again.

"Then one day, Saab asked me if I wanted to sit down and write our song for Luna.

"At one go, we wrote and recorded it.

"We couldn't even finish the vocal takes because it was too difficult.

"But I guess this is part of grieving and trying to move on:

"Learning to entrust your pain to the people who love you.

"This song is for our baby Luna and for all those who have lost someone dearly.

"We'll keep believing."


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