What it's like to be Aga Muhlach's kids, according to Atasha and Andres

Strict dad ba si Aga?
Jun 28, 2019

Atasha and Andres Muhlach reveal what it is like to be the kids of one of the most famous showbiz couples in the Philippines: Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales.

At 18, the twins are growing up to be well-rounded people.

"Our mom and dad made it a point to raise us away from the limelight," Atasha told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal). She explained that dad Aga even took a break from the biz so he could be more hands-on in raising her and her brother.

So normal was their upbringing that the two "were actually shocked when we learned our parents were famous," added Andres, who recently made headlines after going to prom with another showbiz scion.

When asked about Aga and Charlene's parenting style, the twins said that ultimately, their parents want them to grow up responsible and independent — something Aga himself echoed in previous interviews.

In a 2017 PEP.ph interview, Aga said: “In our own little way, parang we made sure that we were there, but hindi kami yung mga hovering parents na would be in control of our children.”

“They know na hindi sila nag-iisip ng materyal, ng mana," he added.

Atasha explained that her dad trusts them to make good choices. "He actually let us travel by ourselves when we were just 14," she said. According to Andres, mom Charlene would worry at times, but Aga would remind her that the twins need "to experience life on their own."

Despite their dad’s generally unfussy approach to parenting, Atasha and Andres both agreed: Family rules are still rules.

If the twins are going out, they need to ask for Aga's permission. "Dad even imposes a curfew when we're out with friends," Atasha explained.

Still, the twins are glad that Aga is the type of parent who doesn't reprimand his kids right away when they make mistakes. He waits for them to open up to him — "unless, we do something really, really serious, of course," Andres said.

How to know if Aga is really angry? "When he starts speaking to us in Filipino!" Atasha revealed.

Family time is also very important in the Muhlach household. They love to travel abroad. Andres, who's a big basketball fan, especially loves it when his parents include live NBA games in their travel itinerary when they visit the States.

When not off to their family adventures, the Muhlachs are happy homebodies. Two things they love to do? Slumber parties and movie marathons, "but at home lang po," said Andres.

And any time spent at home bonding is never complete without tubs and tubs of their favorite Selecta ice cream: Coffee Crumble and Cookies & Cream flavors. Ice cream makes meaningful conversations in the Muhlach home more enjoyable and fun.

Kind of fitting since their dad was Selecta’s celebrity endorser back in the ‘90s. Now, Aga "gets to enjoy his favorite dessert with his favorite people: Us!" Atasha said with a laugh.

For a glimpse into what life is like in the Muhlach household, watch the video below:

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