Anne Curtis surprises mom Carmen in Australia

IMAGE @carmcurtissmith, @annecurtissmith on Instagram

Anne Curtis successfully surprises her mom, Carmen, who recently got hospitalized due to an operation.

Anne Curtis made a surprise but meaningful trip back to her hometown in Melbourne, Australia this week.

She did some daughter duties for her mom Carmen, who recently underwent an operation.

Though the It's Showtime host didn't reveal what the operation was for, Anne's younger sister, Jasmine Curtis Smith, had already flown to Australia the week before to look after their Mommy Carmen.

The sisters, together with their brother Tom, then coordinated with one another to arrange Anne's surprise—and it was a success.

Anne's Instagram caption read, "Mama just recently got out of the hospital after a successful operation whilst I was in Canada.

"And as you may know, I have a crazy schedule but sometimes simpleng lambing na parinig is it all it takes to book a flight agad-agad. 

"@jascurtissmith also flew home so we can help our brother Tom, take care of her whilst recovering at home.


"Thank you to my Showtime and ABS-CBN Family for understanding. I’ll be back Saturday.

"Back to being a dutiful daughter muna ako. [kiss mark emoji] Love you mama @carmcurtissmith.

"Good job @jascurtissmith and @thomasjamescsfor keeping it a secret.

"Akala nya food delivery. [tears of joy emoji]"

Anne delivered a "Get Well Soon" balloon and a bouquet of roses to Mommy Carmen.

See Mommy Carmen's reaction below:


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