Vic Sotto reveals diet, morning ritual with wife Pauleen Luna

IMAGE Karen Pagsolingan

Vic Sotto on wife Pauleen Luna: "She's always been supportive kahit na nung bago kami ikasal. Lalo na, mas nung nagsama na kaming dalawa talaga. At yun naman ang isa sa mga quality niya na naibigan ko."

How to be Vic Sotto?

Do not be complicated.

Despite his stature as a well-loved host, box-office star, sought-after endorser, Vic’s approach in life is without fuss.

Even his diet is pretty simple.

“If it’s not time to eat, I don’t eat.”

Essentially, he has three meals a day.

“Yeah. Hindi ako yung wild na eater. I really don’t follow a strict diet.

“But ako, I eat when it’s time to eat.

“Wala akong in between meals, bibihira.”

His busiest meal of the day is breakfast.

After their "morning ritual" which is "prayer," he and wife Pauleen Luna eat a hearty breakfast.

“Simula na nga kuwentuhan nun. Plans for the day. Current issues. Kung ano yung mapag-usapan.

“Read the paper.”

STRESS RELIEVER. He also likes traveling a lot.

“Totoo iyan even before pa naman [kami ikasal], we always get treated to trips to wherever.”

He was referring to the out-of-the-country shows of Eat Bulaga!, the most recent of which was in Hong Kong.


But Vic said it doesn’t always have to be abroad.

“Kaming dalawa naman, kahit road trip lang nagkakatalo na kami.

“Kahit Subic, Bataan.

“It’s ano e getting away from it all sa trabaho.

“Ayaw naman namin na puro trabaho lang.

“Therapy din.”

He knows stress is a way of life.

“Hindi naman maaaring, hindi naman puwedeng wala kang stress araw-araw…

“Yung biyahe, pang-alis ng stress.”

Lhar Santiago of 24 Oras asked, “What is his memorable trip with Pauleen?”

Vic replied, “Honeymoon namin sa Maldives.”

But he’s looking forward to their “forthcoming trips” because he knows they’re going to unforgettable, too.

Another “pang-alis ng stress” activity with his wife: their ukelele and guitar sessions.

“Music is a universal language. Si Pauleen, magaling sa kanta iyan, e,” he said at the launch of his latest endorsement, Chooks To Go.





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