You gotta love Maggie Wilson rocking yellow bikini in Colombia

IMAGE @wilsonmaggie on Instagram

Maggie Wilson gets a taste of the Caribbean life.

The beach is truly Maggie Wilson’s happy place.

The former beauty queen and her husband Victor Consunji welcomed the season in Cartagena de Indias, a world cultural heritage located in Colombia.

The place has been hailed by Lonely Planet travel blog as the “undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast.”

The couple are presently staying at the Hotel Casa San Agustin, a luxury boutique hotel charging as much as PHP30,000 per night.

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Of course, the trip won't be complete without the Vitamin Sea.

The couple headed to the shores of Baru Islands, which is an hour away from Cartagena.

They picked Playa Agua Azul, which has 200 meters of private white sand beach.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 winner felt right at home in paradise.

She rocked a yellow floral bikini from the Colombian swimwear shop Aqua Bendita.

These photos once again begged the question, “Nanganak ka ba talaga?”

But as she pointed out in an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertianment Portal), the mother of one worked hard to get back into top form.

“Well, if you wanted to look like this, it's something that everyone should understand that I don't wake up, you know, the next day to look like this.

“It took me months to get back to my body and my shape.

“I think people need to understand that we do make an effort.”

Undoubtedly, Maggie is one hot beach momma.





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