Megan Young's tipid trips and how BF Mikael Daez has become her best travel buddy

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Megan Young on boyfriend and travel buddy Mikael Daez: "I would say that traveling strengthened our relationship a lot. Kasi I've learned so much about him during our trips. He learned so much about me—for better or for worse, I guess. But at the end of the day, it's really about how do we both adjust to this? How do we work with it?"

No doubt about it, Megan Young and Mikael Daez’s travel escapades in and out of the country inspire #relationshipgoals.

But one thing (Philippine Entertainment Portal) has learned about this beautiful couple is that they enjoy traveling on a budget.

For their recent trip to Maldives, for instance, the couple were able to save a lot in the accommodation.

Megan related, “You don’t always have to stay in the most glamorous resorts naman to enjoy the place.

“And that’s what we did for the first half of the trip. In between the touristy spots, we went where the islanders live, where they it was fun.

“You can see one end of the islands from the other end ‘cause it’s so flat!

“Ang maganda kasi maraming mga bloggers ngayon ang nagpo-post ng Maldives on a budget.

"Like, ‘How can you save when you’re in the Maldives?’

“Kahit papano nakatipid kami.”

PEP spoke with the 27-year-old Miss World 2013 titlist during a recent presscon for Regal Films’s Our Might Yaya at 38 Valencia Events Place.

Here, Megan volunteered, between the two of them as avid travelers, she is the planner and Mikael the compulsive one.

“I’m not saying that he doesn’t like planning...he just doesn’t. Go with the flow siya, ‘Ay tara! Game tayo. Gawin natin.’

“I’m like, ‘No, let’s research.’ I have to know if it’s good, I have to know if it’s safe. What should we bring?


“I’m very paranoid.”

She remembered one particular trip when they had an argument over a glitch in their itinerary, “Pagdating dun, sabi ko, ‘I told you, dapat nag-research tayo.’

“After that, I started planning more kahit na wala siyang sinasabi.

“Para kapag sinabi niya, ‘Let’s go here.’ I know all the details na.” 

Based on Mikael’s travel video blogs, he and Megan have become the best travel buddies.

Not because they are perfectly matched, but in the way they deal with their differences when they are on a trip together.

Megan explained, “I would say that traveling strengthened our relationship a lot.

“Kasi I’ve learned so much about him during our trips. He learned so much about me—for better or for worse, I guess.

“But at the end of the day, it’s really about how do we both adjust to this? How do we work with it?”

Check out Megan’s top five summer destinations below:


Budget travel tip: Do proper research.

Megan said, “I will of course recommend the last place I went to, the Maldives. You can go there on a budget. Just do your proper research and rely on bloggers.”

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Here's another photo of Megan basking in the Maldives sun.

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Budget travel tip: Explore less-crowded places and bring baon for a fun picnic by the beach.

Based on Mikael’s vlog, he and Megan explored the “Secret Beach” in Subic.

It was actually a public beach (no entrance fee) hidden by lush trees a few meters away from a rarely traveled road somewhere in Subic.


Mikael’s picks for picnic fare were arrozcaldo, peanut butter-banana sandwich, and snacks. Yum!


Budget travel tip: Invest in your own snorkeling gear or just basic goggles to avoid renting over-priced gear. Lugging your own gear also comes in handy when exploring places without such amenities. 

Megan said, “We went to this place in Dasol, Pangasinan, which was very beautiful."

She was referring to Isla Vida Resort located in Colibra, Camaso Island, in Dasol, Pangasinan. 

As seen on Mikael’s vlog, the only accommodations available in the resort are a couple of small nipa huts for those who like to take a quick break from swimming.

But for cowboy adventurers who love exploring pristine white beaches and clear waters, this place is a must-see.


Budget travel tip: It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying at home or checking in a budget hotel.

Megan said, “Why not, di ba? There was a time na holiday, nag-stay na lang ako sa Manila because I didn’t wanna go through the traffic.

“So if you’re that type of person, staycation na lang.”

You can still make the most out of a holiday break by making the most of what the metro can offer.

For coffee lovers like Megan and Mikael, trying out a new coffee place is just the thing.


Budget travel tip: Track your expenses and keep it within budget.

Megan said, “Vacationing in Japan is really expensive pero if you get a budget flight, if you know where to find really good but affordable food…


“I’m like that. I like making tipid for my trips.  I love researching.

“I love looking for cheap but really good food.”  

Have we mentioned that Megan and Mikael also love to eat!

Megan said, "Whenever we travel, we only look for two things—really great restos and really great coffee. We don’t go to tourist spots. We go to restaurants and coffee shops."







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