Sam Pinto makes waves with her surfing business

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Sam Pinto on why she loves surfing in Baler: "In La Union. it gets so crowded, it's so hard to surf, you are mixed with pros and beginners and you might hit each other. In Baler, it's such a long stretch, you can surf anywhere, everywhere you want."

Actress Sam Pinto arrived at Cosmopolitan Philippines' 20th Anniversary Party (held at the Black Market, Makati City last Friday, May 19) with her girl squad Andrea Torres and Rona Ofiana, but was later seen with her longtime boyfriend, Fil-Persian Azkals player Misagh Bahadoran.

The one-time Cosmo PH cover girl bared her well-toned abs wearing a sexy bralette paired with ripped jeans and an army bomber jacket for her '90s-inspired OOTD.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the 27-year-old Viva talent revealed her workout regimen.

She said, "Ayoko talaga mag-gym, e. Surfing lang muna.

"I have been surfing a lot lately."

It was fellow actor-turned-businessman Fabio Ide who first got her into surfing.

Sam recalled, "I had work in La Union that time, and everyone was saying, Why not try surfing?'

"That was about seven years ago.

"So why not try that? Then, Fabio told me to try Baler.


"'Try Baler, try Baler!' he kept saying.

"I said, 'Fine, I will try Baler!'"

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As soon as she did, the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate fell head over heels with the feeling of having just a surfboard under her as she rode the waves.

Baler instantly became her favorite surfing spot.

"I like Baler. The beach is wider, wala kang kaagaw sa waves." she told PEP.

Sam further explained, "In La Union, it gets so crowded. It's so hard to surf, you are mixed with pros and beginners and you might hit each other.

"In Baler, it's such a long stretch, you can surf anywhere, everywhere you want."

"Ang saya doon," she gushed.

Still, Sam considers herself a "semi-beginner," even if it's already been seven years since she first tried the water sport.

The former Kapuso actress narrated, "On my own, it took years, kasi I wasn't going constantly.


"For surfing, you have to do it all the time kasi. But now, I can stand on my own na."

NEW BUSINESS. Another reason why she surfs more now is L' Sirene Boutique Resort, which she opened last April 1, 2017.

"I just put up my own resort kasi in Baler."

Sam added, "I fell in love with surfing so much, it started out that I just wanted a house in Baler."

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After looking around in the area, Sam found a good spot by the beach and later got inspired to turn it into a resort.

"It became 3.5 hectares and I was like, why not make money out of it?"

"So I built a resort, walang magawa ano?

"Finally, I am making money out of what I love!" she beams proudly.

Sam's first month in business was fairly good.

She revealed, "It was so stressful, all birth pains, but also super happy with the income."


"Our first month, we were fully booked!

"Surprisingly, I haven't even boost the marketing, it's just me posting on social media."

The resort only has 15 rooms, which fits 4 people each, and hits a specific demographic for those visiting Baler.

She stresses, "It's the first boutique resort in Baler.

"There are the okay resorts, then the super nice resorts, and I fit in the middle.

"I want friends and family. And I have my own beach front!

"So everyone can surf, that's where I surf."

They have one resident surf instructor, Sam jokingly adds, "and he has his boys!"

She spends as much time there as possible, 3-4 days at a time when she doesn't have work.

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NEW MOVIE PROJECT. Sam is hoping to start a new project soon.

She reveals, albeit hesitantly, "I am gonna start a movie, hopefully this month, with Viva.

"I am not sure if I can say na, but I will tell you.


"A movie with Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby."

"The title I think is Pambansang Girlfriend."

Is she doing the girlfriend role?

She says with a mischievous wink, "Ako 'ata si kontrabida!"


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