The jet-setting lifestyle of Isabelle Daza before pregnancy

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Isabelle Daza visited South Africa (left frame) and France (right frame) with French husband Adrien Semblat before she got pregnant.

ABS-CBN actress Isabelle Daza has just announced that she's pregnant!

To announce this, she uploaded on Instagram a photo of three pairs of sneakers, one of which had an ultrasound photo of their baby.

Belle's caption read: "Threes a crowd."

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Belle is on her first trimester, the most critical stage in a pregnancy.

Morning sickness and mood swings due to hormonal imbalance, as well as fatigue, are usually experienced during this phase.

Talking to, Belle recounted her struggles during her recent trip to France, where Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo's wedding was held early this month.

She said, "I was suffering so much! In the morning, I would lay in bed the whole day feeling sick and dizzy, but then being in Paris forced me to walk around."

But perhaps this won’t do a thing to dampen the actress’s love for traveling.

Just this year, Belle went on an adventure in seven different countries and in more than a dozen cities around the world. 

Here are some of Belle's travels this 2017:

FRANCE. Belle made several trips to her husband's country this year.

Last August, she and husband Adrien went surfing in Anglet with some of their French buddies.

After Anglet, the couple also made a stop in Biarritz, a nearby city.

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With her husband, she also went to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France, before going back to the Philippines.

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A few days later, Belle made her way to Paris for the Kho-Belo nuptials, where she was joined by her cousins Georgina Wilson and Jess Diaz Wilson.

CHINA. Last June 28, Belle went on a trip to China and visited Georgina and her son, baby Arthur.

Some of the cities they visited during their two-week vacation were Beijing and Shanghai.

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Belle and the rest of the “It girls” also got to see the majestic beauty of the Great Wall of China.


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JAPAN. Belle visited Japan twice this year.

After her trip to China, she went to Tokyo for a makeup launch, where she met British singer-songwriter Jessie J and Instagram style star Lily May Mac.

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Last February, Belle and her friends explored Hokkaido and went skiing in the town of Niseko.

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SOUTH AFRICA. Belle went on a safari adventure with husband Adrien in South Africa last April.

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The couple experienced the wildlife in South Africa up close.

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Exploring Cape Town, one of the country's largest cities and one of the most beautiful in the world, was also part of their itinerary.

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SOUTH KOREA. In June, Belle and her mom Gloria Diaz went shopping in South Korea. 

THE U.S. After her South Korea trip, Belle flew to Los Angeles, California, to visit a friend.

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AUSTRALIA. Before going to Hokkaido in Japan, Belle dropped by Sydney, Australia, her first out-of-the-country trip this 2017.

She did some surfing at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach.

Belle and her husband also went swimming in Coogee Beach in New South Wales.

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