Are Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff getting married this weekend?

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Anne Curtis and fiancé Erwan Heussaff are rumored to be getting married this weekend in New Zealand. Hint: a few close friends and family are already there.

It seems the wedding of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff may be happening this weekend.

Anne and Erwan are rumored to be tying the knot in New Zealand this Saturday, November 11, after a year-long engagement.

Some of their friends and family have already flown to their wedding destination.

Among the early birds are Erwan's sister Solenn Heussaff and her husband Nico Bolzico.

In an Instagram update on Tuesday, November 7, Solenn revealed that they are enjoying a nature trip in Kaikoura, a coastal town in the South Island of New Zealand.

The GMA actress's caption reads: "Amazing weather in Kaikoura. Our stay here can only get better!"

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Early today, November 8, Solenn shared a photo of herself and Nico horseback-riding .

Her caption reads: "We have been blessed by sunny days and long conversations ( no choice lol. Driving with no radio gives you no choice haha) and why is Nico more into emoting than me lol"

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On a separate post, Solenn wrote: "Another amazing day. Everywhere we went looked like a movie set. Cant wait to edit my 'vlog' haha. 3 hour ride eith dears, horses, rabbits, sheep and cows. And of course the pretty scenery."

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The couple also went hiking while carrying two babies on their backs. Solenn uploaded a group photo with the babies and wrote, "Death hike by 2 babies in a back pack."

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Another highlight of their trip is when they went swimming with some dolphins.

Solenn shared, "Waking up at 4am to search for dolphins was the most magical thing that could happen. Forgot how cold the water was when i saw how many of them were coming to us. Crazy how the wild life interacts when curious. Dont mind the out of tune chants haha boatmen told nico and i we had to keep sounding like dolphins for them to approach us. So so lucky today! #kaikoura"


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For his part, Nico shared a "candid photo" of himself and Solenn while chilling at Spencer Beach Holiday Park after a run.

He wrote: "Our first run of the trip and our first candid photo ... CHAROT, this is far from candit!! Learning a lot about camping life! Wifezilla is difficult to control in the wild! And you know what they say, "if you cant control your woman, then you found the one" no idea who said that!"

Jess Diaz-Wilson, Georgina Wilson's younger sister, has also been spotted in New Zealand.

Jess shared a photo of herself while hiking at Rob Roy Glacier, which is also located at the South Island of New Zealand.

She wrote, "Hiking get-up although I look like I'm about to walk around the mall rather than hike an icy mountain."

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Jess's boyfriend Moritz Gastl and Isabelle Daza's husband husband Adrien Semblat were also spotted hiking at Rocky Mountain in New Zealand.





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