This hidden island paradise in Iloilo is truly breathtaking

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Huni Sicogon is found in Barangay San Fernando, Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo.

Mention Iloilo and what immediately comes to mind is its city's Old-World charm and its pristine island beauty.

Frequent travelers quickly recall the famous Islas de Gigantes.

Now, another hidden island paradise is sure to be the next big beach destination as Huni, a boutique resort on Sicogon Island, started welcoming guests to its beachfront property on July 2.

Huni Sicogon sits right in front of San Fernando Beach. Courtesy of Huni Sicogon
Guests can take a dip in the beachfront pool or enjoy a fresh fruit shake from the pool bar. Courtesy of Huni Sicogon

It was in 2013 when Ayala Land acquired the 1,100-hectare Sicogon Island with the intention of developing it into a tourism estate—much like what the firm did in El Nido.

By December 2016, it started testing the waters (pun intended!) by opening Balay Kogon, which is lined with hilltop villas and beachfront huts.

Huni boasts 52 spacious rooms in its two-story property.

Solo travelers or couples can choose the 33-square-meter deluxe room, while families can enjoy the 53-square-meter suite.

The resort is nestled between Mt. Opao and San Fernando Beach, which makes it a beautiful setting for a relaxing weekend (or even week-long) stay.

Its spacious rooms are perfect for big families. Courtesy of Huni Sicogon
The floor-to-ceiling glass doors and terrace provide relaxing views of the sea and surrounding areas. Courtesy of Huni Sicogon

Ayala Land plans to open more facilities within the year, including a trail for mountain biking and a tower for zip-lining from a nearby islet to the main beach.

Its old airstrip, which was the most direct way to access the exclusive island in the '80s, is also under rehabilitation to make way for the reopening of chartered flights to Sicogon.

Huni Sicogon is in Barangay San Fernando, Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo. For more information, visit Huni Sicogon's website.

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