Julia Barretto responds to the most hurtful comments she has ever received

She handles online bashing with grace.
May 18, 2018

Nowadays, everyone has something to say, especially online. It's easy to hate people or engage in word wars when you can hide behind a username.

Even a beautiful, talented, and successful actress like Julia Barretto isn't immune to online bashing.

But Julia is such a class act. She doesn't let nasty comments bring her down.

When she was once bashed for allegedly snubbing fans, Julia responded by airing her side and standing firm that she did not do anything wrong: "I am not going to allow a fifteen-second video to define me," she was once quoted as saying.

Julia even uses the negative comments she gets on social media to push herself to become better.

"I feel motivated to keep going, keep pushing, and keep trying until I become the person I have always dreamt myself to be," Julia posted on her Instagram account in response to a commenter who criticized her for being the second pick for a movie role.

"The thing with me is that I never really check the comments. Or if I stumble upon one, I just shrug it off because I feel like it’s such a waste of energy to dwell on it," Julia said in an interview with PEP.

Now, thanks to her positive attitude, Julia is busy working with brands like Oppo, which allows her to work on projects that reflect who she really is. "I'm so excited about it because Oppo is such a big brand. It's very flattering that they trusted us with their product and we're very thankful."


Her recent project with Oppo highlights how she handles cyberbullying. The actress only has this to say to her bashers: "I feel like they should stop. Maybe their lives would be much lighter, much better, and more positive if they take that first step."

"I mean, what do you actually get from hurting other people? Might as well just focus on yourself and improve yourself and figure out how you can be a better person." 

People may always have something negative to say online about Julia, but the actress also has her fans' support. "I'm very very thankful and blessed to have them, and I hope that they would never get tired of supporting me and being with me throughout my journey."

And just like Julia's family, friends, and fans, only those who truly care about you know the real you. Watch this video:

How about you? What do you do when you get bashed on social media? Share your story, and follow Oppo on Facebook. 

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