Joey Marquez to support Alma Moreno—but for councilor

In the May 2007 election, an exciting match-up for the vice-mayoralty post in Parañaque is shaping up. That is, if neither one of two possible contenders, Anjo Yllana and Alma Moreno, backs out.

Actor-politician Anjo is the incumbent vice-mayor of Parañaque, while Alma, former first lady of the same city, announced her interest in the same post months back. Alma is posed to be the running mate of opposition mayoralty candidate Dr. Pablo Olivarez, former mayor of Parañaque. Anjo is with the administration party but has not committed to run for any post.

Anjo and Alma are not only both celebrities, they are close friends. Alma and her ex-husband, Joey Marquez, were Anjo's godparents at his wedding to wife Jackie Manzano.

Although Anjo has not decided what position he's running for, he is definitely running. There is speculation that he will run for mayor, although the stronger possibility, seven months before the elections, is that he will run for a second term as vice-mayor. When that happens, he will face his godmother and friend in the 2007 Parañaque race.

With this match-up, the person torn between Alma (his ex-wife and the mother of four of his children) and Anjo (his close friend and someone he mentored in politics) is former Parañaque mayor Joey Marquez.

"As much as possible, ayokong magkasalubong sila. Mahirap yan," said Joey, in an exclusive interview with YES! Online, at the Crowne Plaza hotel, in Quezon City, last October 27.

According to Joey, the only thing that he can do now is to convince Alma to give up the vice-mayoralty slot and run for councilor instead. But, he adds, "I can't stop her from running for vice-mayor."

"I'm actually trying to convince her to run for councilor," said Joey. " I think Ness [Alma's nickname] will top the race for councilor. Pero kung para vice-mayor... If you ask me, I really want her to run for councilor."

He also added, "I'll try to do whatever I can. No. 1, the only thing I can do right now is suggest kasi katawan nila yan e. No. 2, I don't have the right to stop Ness because we're not married any more. No. 3, as much as possible, I want to stay away from politics. But if there is anything that I can do, I'll try to soften things up."

Joey disclosed that he thought Alma, who lost to Jun Bernabe during the Parañaque mayoralty race in 2004, would run for councilor. He said he was surprised when Alma announced that she would run for vice-mayor.

"Ang alam kong tsismis diyan," he says, laughing at his own choice of words, "she wanted to run for councilor. But Dr. Olivarez is making her run for vice-mayor, the current position of Anjo. Kasi things changed a couple of months ago."

Joey also denied a report that appeared in Remate last October 20, written by entertainment columnist Julie Bonifacio, that he was running for congressman of the city he was mayor of for nine years. In fact, he said that he has no more political plans.

(Joey served as mayor of Parañaque from 1995 to 2004 and as vice-mayor from 1992 to 1995.)

"There are people who are convincing me to run," Joey said. "Pero sabi ko, I had enough of politics already. This time, I owe it naman to my children to be a father. I already dedicated 12 years of service. I'm not after any other position, hindi kamukha ng iba. I'd like to concentrate on my children."

Joey continued, "I'm not going to run in any other election. Siguro floating-floating [rumors] na lang yan kasi sila-sila [political parties] ang nagpu-float e. In fact, they asked me if they can float it [him running as congressman], sabi ko ‘bahala kayo.' Basta ako, I'm supporting someone but I'm not running."

Pressed to comment if he will support Alma in the coming election, Joey replied, "Yeah, definitely -if she runs for councilor. If Ness runs for councilor, I have to support her. If Anjo runs for vice-mayor, I think I have to convince Ness to run for councilor."

He explains, "Gusto ko sana sa kanya, tumakbong mayor e. Suggestion lang naman. Sabi namin kasi, I think it's ripe for Anjo to run for mayor. But if chooses not to, then we have to respect that. Ang problema, sa Parañaque, si Dr. Olivarez does not want na walang kalaban si [Jun] Bernabe [incumbent Parañaque mayor]. In fact, Olivarez wanted to support him [Anjo]...The way I look at it, I think Olivarez is already preparing to run for mayor. Kasi November na e."

In an earlier PEP interview with Anjo, the latter confirmed Joey's statements. Anjo said that Joey is working to convince him to go for the higher post of mayor of Parañaque.



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