Cinemanila 2006 pays tribute to National Artist for Film

In honor of National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, Cinemanila 2006 organizers scheduled a fĂȘte dubbed as Eddie Romero night. This auspicious event coincided with the premiere of Romero's first digital film, Faces of Love.

This movie, which showcases different kinds of love, was part of the exhibition of digital films in the 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival. Romero's first foray into the digital format was screened last November 7 in Greenbelt 1.

Face of Love tells the story of Don Arcadio Silvestre's (Christopher de Leon) quest to find out who has been writing him anonymous letter for the past ten years, which started after the death of his beloved wife. To help him in the investigation, he hires Toby Villamor (Alfred Vargas), a criminal defense specialist with a police background. Meanwhile, Don Arcadio's niece, Skip (Juliana Palermo), also offers to help in the search. During the investigation, one name stands out, Ligaya (Angel Aquino), the former nurse of Don Acadio's wife. She has recently been widowed by her insurgent husband and has become the object of a police investigation.

This romance film is combined with humorous instances, making it light fare for the viewer. "I just wanted to do a romantic-comedy on digital," says screenwriter-producer-director Eddie Romero. "Kasi yung digital is always so serious, ang bigat ng mga themes. And I wanted something that could be more or less compatible with mainstream [cinema]."

For Eddie Romero, making a digital film was easier compared to the movies he has done before. The production of the film only took nine days to finish, the shortest shooting period for the acclaimed director of Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon? "Well, I tried to make it long but I finished it in nine days. It's so easy," he said laughing.

Romero explains that doing a digital film is much better than making a mainstream movie. "Well, digital is so versatile. It needs less light, less people, you can shoot as long as you like."


He continues: "I want to help build a bridge between the two because digital has to become commercial sooner or later."

Aside from directing the film, Eddie Romero also helped in conceptualizing story and developing the script. The money used in the production, according to Romero, was from the funds allotted to him as a National Artist by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Cinemanila 2006 ends on November 15 with its closing film Heremias directed by Lav Diaz.





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