The Twister stirs up 'Philippine Idol'

Controversial radio host Mo Twister gave his characteristic sharp comments on the performances of the remaining six contestants of Philippine Idol.

DJ Mo, who was recently thrown in the spotlight for asking "forbidden questions" on his radio program—Good Times at dwTM Magic 89.9—was tapped as a guest judge for last weekend's radio-hits-themed competition.

Gian Magdangal who sang Jay-R's hit song "Bakit Pa Ba?" drew lukewarm comments from the controversial radio jockey. After acknowledging Gian's get-up, Mo noted how the Idol hopeful struggled with notes that were out of his range. Still, the young judge gave Gian a six out of ten.

Jan Nieto's rendition of Martin Nievera's hit "You Are My Song" was received differently. Recognizing the difficulty of choosing a song made popular by top-caliber performers like Regine Velasquez and Martin Nievera, Mo congratulated Jan on successfully pulling off an "amazing" version. DJ Mo even walked up the stage to personally shake the contestant's hand.


When Mau Marcelo gave her version of Jamie Rivera's "Mahal Naman Kita," Mo did not mince words about his disappointment. "I expected a lot from you because I heard great things. Even in your bad days—which is probably today—you are good enough. But not what I was expecting."

His mood did not improve when Miguel stepped up to sing Wency Cornejo's ballad "Hanggang." Mo thought the song came off as boring, and that Miguel failed to exude the "youthful energy" required to keep the audience from dozing off. He also pointed out how the youngest Idol contender lacked stage presence, by shifting positions only twice for the duration of the performance.

Ken Dingle received the brunt of the tornado comments from the Twister. After crooning Bryan Adam's "Everything I Do," Ken got pelting reviews from all three judges. "Bro, you are all over the place. In the beginning, it seems you were eating some of the lyrics. It started like the original and I don't even know what song it was in the middle," was Mo's stinging tirade.


Pow Chavez, with full make-up on, was the last to go onstage. She sang Julia Fordham's "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways," and was hailed by Mo as the night's second best performer after Jan Nieto.

At the end of the show, when host Ryan Agoncillo asked who should be eliminated, Mo confidently pointed Ken out. He even sealed his fearless forecast with a vow to wear a skirt for a week should his prediction fail to happen.

The Philippine Idol voting results last Monday confirmed Mo Twister's prediction to be true—setting him free from his vow to wear a skirt for a week. Ken Dingle singing his last and leaving the competition with its top five: Gian Magdangal, Jan Nieto, Mau Marcelo, Miguel Mendoza and Pow Chavez.

Next Sunday, November 19, Philippine Idol brings international artist Lea Salonga to the show as guest judge for the performance night, which will feature movie themes and musicals. Original Idol judge Francis Magalona will also be returning to the show, fresh from his sojourn in Europe.






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