Sheila Ysrael and Dan Fernandez starting anew

It's said that the Christmas season is the perfect time to make peace with one's enemies. Actors Dan Fernandez and Sheila Ysrael seem to agree. This season, they have taken the road to peace and reconciliation and they are doing so one step at a time.

Only last November, the two traded charges against each other. Sheila filed a case against her husband for allegedly beating her. Dan countered by filing a case against his wife for allegedly having an affair with another man. A year after, the two are trying hard to mend their broken relationship.

In an S-Files taped interview last December 24, the estranged couple gave their statements.

Dan said: "Kung sino man sa amin ang nagkamali, it's just right to give another chance. We're both trying to maintain a good family."

Sheila agreed: "We're in the healing process. Ang priority namin from the start is the resolution of the family. We're working on it."

Dan admitted that they were trying to settle their differences for the sake of the kids.

"There was a time that I was with my kids and she [Sheila] was outside," he narrated. "Tinanong ko yung bata, 'Do you want to be with your mom?' Ayaw niyang sumagot. Pero makikita mo naiiyak siya. I reacted just right. Ang selfish ko naman para hindi ibigay sa mga bata yung karapatan nila na magkaroon ng isang ina."

Both father and mother said they are making their children their priority this time.

Dan, speaking softly, said to Sheila: "I hope that you would take care of our children. This time magiging maayos na yun. This time magiging kabahagi ka talaga ng pamilya."

Sheila, speaking just as softly, said to Dan: "I'll never change. Nandiyan lang ako. If you want me to take care of the kids, I will take care of the kids. I'll keep on praying."


Sheila said: "I guess that's what you call true love kasi forgiveness is true love."

The two have agreed to withdraw the charges they filed against each other in court. Sheila and Dan have three children: Rafter, Dana, and Daniel Ramon.





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