Joey Marquez supports Alma Moreno and Richard Gomez

Joey Marquez gives full support not only for his former wife Alma Moreno, but also for his co-host and friend Richard Gomez in the coming May elections. Alma will run for councilor in Parañaque, while Richard will vie for a senatorial seat.

Actor-politician Joey Marquez says he will show full support for his ex-wife Alma Moreno's candidacy for councilor in ParaƱaque.

"Of course, she's the mother of my children," said Joey last night in Marie France's event at Rock Candy, Glorietta, Makati.

He also has no problem with Alma using his surname for her campaign. He added, "It's an honor kung gagamitin niya ang pangalan ko."

Marquez added that he is supporting Alma because she is running with the opposition's mayoralty candidate Dr. Pablo Olivarez, former mayor of ParaƱaque.

Aside from Alma, Marquez also expresses his support for other celebrities, specifically his S-Files co-host and close friend Richard Gomez, who is running for a senatorial seat.

However, Joey explained that he is not supporting Goma because he's a friend and a co-worker. He stresses, "With Richard naman, I'm supporting him not because he's my friend, I'm supporting him because I believe in his reasons."

Meanwhile, Marquez also answers the issue about the current status of Alma and her ex-partner Gerald Madrid. In a PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) article posted on March 22, Alma admitted that she and Gerald broke up.

Marquez seems clueless about it and reveals that he and Alma never talked about it, "Regarding sa lovelife niya [Alma], wala na ako doon, e. Basta ako, I would like her to be happy, I would like her to be stable. Whatever happens, she is still the mother of our children and I will protect her. That's what I'll do."





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